Interesting Irregular Hem Dresses For A Intriguing Look

Interesting Irregular Hem Dresses For A Intriguing Look

In the recent times, when you have gone out and observed the way girls and women are dressed (as most of us are wont to do without even being aware of it), you may have noticed the irregular hem. An irregular hem is one where the hem is not even on all sides like the front part of the hem is shorter than the back or that the hem of the skirt hangs in ups and downs making the hem look uneven. This is a trend that has really caught on today and it can make even a simple outfit look interesting. Uneven hemlines – are a great way to make a dress interesting and this is something that we all want.

irregular hem dress 1

irregular hem dress 2

irregular hem dress 4

irregular hem dress 5

We are always looking for cute skirts if you want to get noticed, and the irregular hem dress is a good way to do it. People look at women no matter how they are dressed but they tend to focus on the neck area, the leg area and the waist area. The fact is that in most instances, hems are something that people only notice when it is too short. That is probably the reason that fashion designers have come up with irregular hem dresses  – to bring the hemline into focus. An irregular hem dress is something that should be included in stylish high heels outfits to try in 2016.

irregular hem dress 6

irregular hem dress 7

irregular hem dress 8

irregular hem dress 9

We are sure that you get up on some days feeling that you want to be noticed for the way you are dressed but not for the neckline (translation cleavage) that your outfit has nor do you want to go all out and reveal the legs. The irregular hem dress is a blessing for such days as it will take the eyes of the beholder from the regular areas and take it to the irregularity of the hem. In fact, when you sit down to think of it, you will realize that the uneven hem or irregular hem is something of an asset when it comes to camouflaging any flaws you may perceive in your figure.

irregular hem dress 10

irregular hem dress 11

irregular hem dress 13

irregular hem dress 14

While we are talking about dressing interestingly with irregular hems, we have mentioned that they can make an outfit look good even if it is a tad conservative. But that does not mean that it cannot be daring; in fact, the opposite is true. If you do not believe us, then think of all those dresses that are mini in the front and maxi in the back. This way you can actually shock people by looking prim and proper when viewed from the back but look really hot and daring from the front view.

irregular hem dress 15

irregular hem dress 16

irregular hem dress 17

irregular hem dress 19

You can also make a simple skirt look really special by having an irregular hem on it. This will make a simple flared skirt that is full and flowing look even more interesting with an irregular hem. Even fitted and tight dresses that faithfully hug every curve in your body start looking even better when they have an irregular hem and can actually have people gawking at the hem rather than your lovely curves.

irregular hem dress 20

irregular hem dress 21

irregular hem dress 23

irregular hem dress 24

The thing is an irregular hem is something that can be added in many different ways like a longer back and a shorter front. Or a hem with pointed bits at irregular intervals that can make a full dress look less wholesome and more interesting.

irregular hem dress 25

irregular hem dress 26

irregular hem dress 28

irregular hem dress 30

We are sure that by now you have sneaked a peek or two at the images of irregular hems that are given here along with the points we have made. Do tell us which are the ones you are going to try for yourself.