Frivolous But Comfortable Flip Flop Footwear

April 27th, 2016

Frivolous But Comfortable Flip Flop Footwear

When it comes to footwear, we girls can never have enough with most of us going to sleep with dreams of owning separate wardrobes for footwear. One sure way to get a girl’s interest is by talking about a shoe sale with huge discounts and the best way to get her enraptured is by mentioning that the sale is for designer wear. However, we are not talking about designer footwear (not entirely) as such but about flip flops. If you don’t know what flip flops are, then they can simply be described as simple sandals that have a thong that runs between the big toe and the second toe, right next to it. They are light and cool and are mostly made up of rubber or plastic. If you have ever wondered can footwear be pretty and comfortable at the same time, then flip flops is the answer to it with a resounding yes.

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In fact, flip flops can be so pretty and fashionable that you can even include them with trendy outfits to look fabulous anytime and rock the look. Yes, it is all about picking out the right flip flops so that you can look as if you are living on the beach without sacrificing any of the glamor. The thing is flip flops are all about comfort and by this definition they do not have pointed heels. But this does not mean that they cannot have heels at all; they can in the form of platform heels (to a certain extent) and be comfortable still. If you know about geek chic fashion, then we are sure that you will figure out that flip flops have a starring role in them.

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Make them pretty: There are many ways in which a flip flop can be made to look pretty and one of the most basic things to do is pick out this footwear in attractive and eye catching colors. Besides doing this, you can even paint them with lovely motifs to make your footwear stand out when you are out strolling in your flip flops.

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Crochet also works: One of the simplest ways to ensure that your flip flops look great is by creating straps with crochet. It does not matter that you are not very adept at crocheting; just knowing the basic stitches could also work. The trick is to use colors that make your flip flops stand out.

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Flowers anyone: Another way to make your flip flops look pretty and trendy is either by sewing on or sticking on some artificial flowers on the flip flop. If you are going to use smaller flowers, then you can stick them on the straps and if you are wanting to use one big flower, then they should be stuck on the thongs when they start from the big toe and the second toe.

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Bow to the bow: When we are talking about making your flip flops look pretty, then why not add some bows to the thong part of the flip flop. There are many variations that are possible in this line of thinking.

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Bead it and lead it: If you can embellish your flip flops with flowers and bows, then can beads be far behind? The beads can either be stuck on or stitched on the thong portion of the flip flops to make them look special.

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We are sure that the ideas we have given here along with all these charming images would have given you an idea about how charming flip flops can be. That is besides being trendy and comfortable, which makes them great to wear during warmer or humid weather.