20 Fashionably Intelligent Accessories You Should Buy in 2016

20 Fashionably Intelligent Accessories You Should Buy in 2016

Does fashion require intelligence? This is a question that most men will answer in the negative as they only look at the end result and not at the process and efforts that have gone into it. But we women know that to be fashionable, you need a certain amount of intelligence unless we have an endless supply of money at our disposal (which again requires intelligence). That is why it makes sense that we build our wardrobes smartly to include some fashionably intelligent accessories that will stand us in good stead over a longer period of time. You will need to invest in quality stuff like a nice denim jacket and figure out ways to wear a denim jacket to make the most of the cool factor.

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The same can be said about the different kinds of belts that women wear and invest in a good one so that you will always look smart. The same thing can be said for latest trending chic bags that every girl should have so that she is in her best form when she goes anywhere.

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Here We Give You A List Of Fashionably Intelligent Accessories You Need To Have In 2016. The List Is Quite A Long One And Is Based On Our Opinion And If You Feel The Need To, You Can Tweak The List As Per Your Requirements:

Fashionably Intelligent Accessories You Should Buy in 2016

The denim jacket:  A nice denim jacket can not only be worn with jeans but also with all kinds of skirts and dresses to create.

denim jacket

A nice wallet: We are talking brands here and something that you want to be seen carrying.

Black shoes: The perfect pair of black shoes with just the right heels is worth its weight in gold.


Blazer: A well-fitting blazer can turn most outfits into smart formal wear that will add to your confidence.

colorful silk scarf

Colorful silk scarf: Having a colorful silk scarf will help you jazz up any outfit you have in the blink of an eye.

Jeans that fit: Jeans that fit well and look great on you are something that is very valuable and a smart investment.

Sunglasses: Sunglasses are not a great accessory to wear but also good protection for your eyes.

silk blouse

Silk blouse: A silk blouse is something that will make you feel sensuous but smart at the same time depending on what you wear it with.

Leather belt: A good leather belt is a great way to create a nice definition to your figure and will be a good investment in the long run.

The little black dress: The classic little black dress in your style along with good accessories can save you from panicking when you need to look but are pushed for time.

white t shirt

White tee shirt: This is a great thing to have in your wardrobe for a smart and superb style

Weekend bag: Sometimes our bags need to carry more than just money and cards, and this bag is ideal for that.

Good sneakers: Comfortable and chic, these are a savior when it comes to going out and indulging in a lot of walking.

flat shoes

Flat shoes: Nice pair of ballet shoes in either nude or black is a woman’s best friends when she needs to dress up but also be comfortable.

Black pants: A pair of black pants are great to have in your wardrobe and can be very versatile.

red lipstick

Red lipstick: When we say red, we mean a red that works with your skin tone and that you can slick on to go to a party.

Pearl necklace: This is a classic that will never go out of fashion and can be worn with many outfits.

thin gold chain

Thin gold chain: This one also works with all clothing.

Leopard print bag/belt: This one is to make sure you have a fashion accessory that is really hip.

Ribbed turtleneck: This one is a great accessory to have to get dressed in a hurry and still turn up looking smart.