Enchanting And Comfortable Embroidered Cotton Dresses

Enchanting And Comfortable Embroidered Cotton Dresses

In the days of the past, when women did not go out to work outside the home (but still slogged at managing their homes), knowing how to embroider, sew, knit, crochet and do such other stuff was considered an essential skill. It was not every girl or woman who enjoyed doing this but those who did were very good at it. As times evolved,   embroidered clothes were valued for the kind of work that went into them. There were the rich who would commission clothing to be made for them in natural fabrics like cotton for daily use and silk for special occasions with embroidery on them. There was a richness to these cotton garments along with a cool comfort that made them great to wear. Even today you cannot deny that cotton dresses with embroidery look elegant and some more gracious. That is why detailed embroidered dresses to look classic every time are sometimes even better than the most cutting edge fashions.

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Embroidery is so enchanting and pretty that it gets featured even in amazing embroidered jewelry sets to try this year. You have to note that as time passed embroidery moved from being merely handmade to machine made so that more could be produced and more people could afford to wear them. But that being said, there is no doubt unique and one of a kind embroidery that is done painstakingly by hand still has a higher value and better look. You will see that many ethnic fashions still lean towards the traditional handmade embroidery like these fashionable and comfy Mexican dress ideas.

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We don’t know the current weather or temperature in the place where you, our readers are based at. But the one thing we know that in most places where it is warm, there is nothing more comforting on your skin than pure cotton. It is a cool natural fabric that allows your skin to breath, and tends to absorb perspiration instead of locking it in and causing bad body odor. That is why cotton is the fabric of choice for many. However, cotton tends to have a plain and simple look that makes people hesitate to wear it for special occasions. The one way to overcome this limitation of cotton fabric is by wearing cotton dresses with embroidery on them.

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This takes a simple and elegant everyday cotton dress and makes it really special. Along with the colors in the dress and the embroidery on them, a cotton dress can become worth wearing to a party. What is more if the cotton dress in question is embroidered by hand, then this adds more charm to the cotton dress. we are not saying that machine embroidery does not have its own charm, it does but it is quite different from the ones done by hand.

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We are sure that the reader may be wondering why we have been going on about embroidered cotton dresses and not about dresses in other materials. This is because while silk can also be embroidered, it is a lot harder to do than on cotton given the intrinsic nature of the fabric. What is more, being more expensive, people hesitate to try their hands on embroidering silk as mistakes look too obvious and is more difficult.

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Today we see that other materials like nylon, polyester, rayon among others are adorned with embroidery that is in most cases machine made. While these too look charming, there is no denying the attraction of handmade embroidery on cotton cloth.

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embroidered cotton dresses 34What would you say is your favourite? Cotton with handmade embroidery or machine made embroidery on cotton or some other combinations thereof.