Crisp And Crackling Crepe Dresses To Dress Grandly

Crisp And Crackling Crepe Dresses To Dress Grandly

We are sure that all of us have a love for sensuous fabrics like silk, satin, velvet and other such fabrics even if we are not consciously aware of it. This is because the sense of touch is something that is ingrained into the very makeup of human beings. Add to that another sense that silk or such fabrics appeal to – that of the way it looks and we do have a winner. In this article, we will look at crepe, which comes in many avatars but is mostly a crisply crumpled fabric that is made of silk. This is where crepe scores over conventional silk, is that the crumpled or crinkled feel that it has is a deliberate look unlike the clumsy crumpling of conventional silk. So wearing crepe with its crisp crumples or crinkles makes you look smart while the crumpling of silk only looks a bit awkward. This way you can scintillate others with the sensuous delight of silk dresses by having them made of crepe instead of conventional silk.

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You cannot learn all about Chinese fashions, without learning something about silk in all its forms including crepe silk. We know that silk comes in all colors and this is also true about crepe silk that is then made into crepe dresses. The color of the season is burgundy and we can only imagine when crepe silk dresses are made in this color.

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While we have talked about crepe dresses that are made up of silk, technology has not left other fabrics alone so you even have cotton crepe.  We have also talked about the fact that crepe has a crinkled or deliberately crumpled look and while this does offer you an advantage of looking great in all states, it also has an additional advantage. Due to the crinkling effect, the crepe fabric tends to have a bit of allowance to stretch and this can make you feel more comfortable about wearing crepe dresses on those days you are feeling bloated (we know we all have those days).

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Another important characteristic of the crepe fabric is that of creating a drape that we all desire. Which is to say that it flows rather than stands out when the dress you are wearing has generous pleats, thus not making you look bulky. But at the same time the flow of the material creates a most desirable swish when you walk around wearing a dress with generous pleats.

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The thing is crepe fabric has come in many forms like cotton crepe, silk crepe, rayon crepe and even in fabrics like polyester, which makes it suitable for all sorts of occasions and weather situations. The fact that the crepe dress can be made in many types of fabrics also means that they are easier to pack and carry around when you are traveling. And the fact that the more the fabric range, the more color possibilities means that you can create all sorts of garments with it.

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That is why you will see crepe dresses making an appearance in casual wear as well as party wear. Even office wear like crepe blouses have made their appearance and also more evening wear that is of a more formal nature. You will find that crepe like material and dresses can be the best friend of women with generous curves.

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Do tell us what you think of the images given here and the points we have made here about crepe dresses. We are sure that your inputs in this matter will give us some more ideas on the best way to style crepe dresses.