Chic And Striking Check Print Dresses

Chic And Striking Check Print Dresses

We know that checks are quintessentially masculine prints but when has this factor stopped women from adopting it? Just think about it – girls and women today not only wear trousers, pants, jeans, shorts, and dungarees among other masculine attire. So why should a design aspect like checks be far behind? Yes, girls and women can wear checks and look awesome in them too. It is that contrast of the proper checks with a masculine look on the feminine looks of the girl or woman in question. Learn all about checks for you to know, ponder and wonder so that you can figure out how to use them to the best advantage. In fact, if you want to create maximum impact and contrast, then you should wear a cute and feminine dress made up of material that has checks on it.

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Or you could choose to drive winter blues away and check out the current fashions in wool, where you may be able to spot a checked overcoat in cheerful colors. In case you still cannot break the code of checks and how best to use them, then you need to check out and learn about plaid clothing all the way and you will find plenty of choices.

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Here Are Some Striking Chic Check Print Dress Ideas That Will Have You Thinking:

Floral checks: Yes, we are actually talking about checks with floral designs on them. You can actually pick out designs that will have flowers in between the check designs. This can make it almost bring to mind a window with a trellis of flowers. If you want, you can also place a heart or some other such feminine symbol in the middle of a check each and this can either be used to make a shirt or top depending on the color scheme.

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Shaded or plain checks: Many a times you will see that checks are made up of two or more colors besides the background colors but there will also be shading from one or more of these colors to make up the pattern.  Such patterned materials can be used to make shirts and coats or even skirts. You can always combine these kind of prints with either plain tops or with floral prints.

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Miniscule checks: You can also use materials with miniscule checks to come up with entire dresses, tops or even skirts. However, if you are using this material to create pants, then you need to rethink. It is not something that everyone can carry off with style. If you think you can pull this look off, then go ahead by all means. Another factor that you can keep in mind is that sometimes such checks are also used in uniforms and if you find this off-putting, then do not use them to create skirts but rather have dresses made of this print.

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Uneven checks: These type of checks are also often called madras checks and people love to wear shirts or even dresses made of materials with such prints.  This sort of material is also used to make dresses for small girls. The use of uneven checks are often used for overcoats and this can work very well for casual jackets as well.

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Plain background with simple dark checks: The pattern could also be in reverse with a dark background on which there are light colored lines, which form the checks. This can make a nice and simple pattern for formal dresses and even informal wear.

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We are sure that you too will find the world of chic checks appealing not only due to the contrast but also for the charming way it looks.