Blatantly Attention Grabbing Black And Red Dresses

Blatantly Attention Grabbing Black And Red Dresses

When it comes to colors, we all can readily agree that black and red are powerful colors though color purists may argue that black is not really a color at all. But for those who are into fashion black is a color and that is the way it will remain. And red no doubt, has a place in fashion as a color that cannot be ignored. And what happens, when you combine red and black? You have an explosion that grabs people’s attention and keeps it on the outfit. This is because while many may not agree that combining black with red is not among the best color combinations for women, it is one of the most striking. If you are planning on wearing a combination of these two colors, you have to be bold and confident because it is not a combination for wallflowers.

black and red dress 1

black and red dress 2

black and red dress 3

If you are one of those who is always drawn to stunning all black outfits for women, then you will understand that black has for most of us. It is slimming, it is attractive and has a stark beauty all its own. In the same way, you will see that beautiful girls in red dresses also have an oomph factor that cannot be denied though we cannot say that red is a subtle color.

black and red dress 4

black and red dress 5

black and red dress 6

Now That We Have Established That A Combination Of Red And Black Can Be Really Awesome When Worn By A Girl Or Woman Who Knows How To Carry It Off, Let Us Look At The Possibilities:

Simple red and black: This means that you go for a red skirt with a black top or vice versa. This is a nice combination that is not quite as stark as you may think but packs a punch anyway.

black and red dress 7

black and red dress 8

black and red dress 11

Prints: You can also wear red and black in the form of prints with a red outfit with black prints on it or a black outfit with red prints on it. But we have to say that the second option is more striking than the first one.

black and red dress 12

black and red dress 13

black and red dress 14

Graded: Since black is considered a culmination of all colors, then you can wear a dress that starts with red and then moves on to darker shades of red culminating in black gradually. This can be an awesome dress when worn in the evenings or nights.

black and red dress 15

black and red dress 16

black and red dress 17

Black on red: This dress uses an overlay of red or black lace that will cover a plain black or red dress to give you glimpses of what lies underneath. This combination is sexy and subtle at the same time and can be used to good effect to create an air of mystery.

black and red dress 18

black and red dress 19

black and red dress 20

Black on red: This is the kind of dress that has a double color or changeable color effect with the shades of red showing from under the black dress that you are wearing. For this to happen you will have to wear a dress with uneven hemlines or with twisted straps or something to that effect.

black and red dress 21

black and red dress 22

black and red dress 23

Black and red checks: We all know that there are many types of checks and all these check patterns can be created with black and red to good effect. This also has the effect of being a bit more sober and can be used to wear for formal and business occasions.

black and red dress 24

black and red dress 25

black and red dress 26

As you can see, black and red as a combination offer a lot of possibilities that you can try and test. As we said earlier, we have to caution you that this a combination that will grab people’s eyes and you will have to be prepared for that. Do look at the pictures we have given here to have visuals about what we discussed above about these two colors as a combination.