Captivating And Comprehensive Cape Dresses

Captivating And Comprehensive Cape Dresses

When women can wear dungarees and shorts not to mention other garments, then why not capes? Why indeed? It is after all a form of garment that was not totally unfamiliar to women of the past though for the modern woman it may be a relatively radical concept. The cape is something that has a mystical or mysterious quality about it that reminds you of all those bewitching magic shows that we used to watch as kids. There is no doubt that the cape will make a dramatic addition to your wardrobe but it is also very useful, graceful and versatile. This will probably explain the position that the cape has started to have in the world of fashion. We do like dramatic and elegant and the cape fits this category. Along with fall coats and jackets for the current season, the cape will make a valuable addition for changeable weather.

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If you know about the pretty world of pashmina that you will be passionate about, then you will appreciate the way the cape can cover you literally and in many other ways. In fact any lovely faux fur fashion attempts can be covered with a fashion accessory like a cape as it seems only right and a combination made in heaven.

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Here Are Some Lovely Cape Dress Ideas That Will Have You Clapping With Joy:

Sheer cape: The thing is a cape dress by definition would have a cape attached, which goes without saying. But the way the cape is shaped and styled could differ according to the preference of the wearer. This means that you can have a dress made out of solid material and then have a matching cape made of sheer material of the same color. Though a cape like this would cover your neck and shoulder area, the sheerness of the material will create an elegant yet sexy feel.

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Solid cape: A solid cape would be of the same colored material as the dress but without being sheer or transparent. The solid cape plays a double role; it offers covering of the neck and shoulder area in case it is required and also adds some warmth to a dressy gown. This can be a blessing in many instances. The cut and style of the cape can be changed as you want it to be and in keeping with the occasion for which you are getting dressed for.

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Contrasting cape: This as the name suggests, is a cape that is not in the color of the dress you are wearing. The contrasting color of the cape when compared to the dress can be a great way to add a much needed dash of color that some dresses seem to require. We are sure that the styling of this cape would be kept simple by many so as to make the effect it produces even more dramatic.

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Lacey cape: A lace cape is one that adds richness and elegance to the dress you are wearing and you will often find brides going for such a thing. It does make even a simple dress look rich and worth wearing to a special occasion. Lace cape dresses are also worn by small girls when they need to attend some dressy occasions.

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Detachable cape: This cape as the name suggests is not part of the dress in that it is not stitched on. This cape can be removed by the wearer when they feel like it. It can even be carried as an accessory and worn when needed.

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We are sure that you have enjoyed what we have written about capes and the images to go with it. Do let us know what you think about it.