Brilliant And Bewitching Blue Dresses

Brilliant And Bewitching Blue Dresses

Blue is a color that gets varying reactions but one can safely say that most people are not indifferent to it at all. Many believe that blue is a color more suited to men and thereby put it firmly in the formal wear category when it comes to women wearing this color. Nevertheless, this theory will not work since the most casual of attires worn by both the genders is jeans, which comes mainly in blue. The thing about people who are not that enthusiastic about the color blue is that they believe that it is too staid. However, this could be because they are probably thinking in terms of navy blue. However, when you consider a vibrant color like turquoise which is also a shade of blue, then we have to take back our opinion that blue is too dull a color. Whether it is dressing style ideas with bohemian vibes or dressing for office or dressing for a party, blue can work in all situations.

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The thing is the many shades of blue that are out there can be used to dress in many styles and it will look as good as in a formal suit as in pretty v-neck outfits to look free in definite but different ways. Even gorgeous floral print dresses for next summer can look cool and casual in many lighter shades of blue.

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Blue cotton: Blue colored cloth in cotton and that too, the lighter shades are perfect when you want to look and feel cool. The thing is, the many shades of blue can look good in cotton as well. Blue cotton looks awesome in dresses, shirts, skirts and all other garments.

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Blue silk: If you thought that blue looks good only in cotton then you would be mistaken. Since many shades of blue are considered bright and deep at the same time, silk works very well when it comes to this color. The many shades of blue can look great in soft silk, satin and velvet.

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Blue suits: Blue formal suits are the logical thing to do with the various shades of this color right from the darkest of blues to the lightest shade like sky blue or light royal blue. You will find that blue is indeed a great color to work with. What is more, you will find that blue suits can be worn with light colored shirts of different shades.

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Blue gowns: Yes, blue gown for parties is a great way to go as it not only looks rich and lush but also it can be made to look as staid or as sexy as you want it to be. What is more, most jewelry looks great with it like gold, silver, platinum and most of the precious and semi-precious stones.

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Floral blue: We all know that Mother Nature uses as many colors as possible in her palette while creating the world around us. She has even seen fit to have blue colored flowers. These can be emulated in the clothing that you wear either in the natural floral form or in the kind of floral prints you fancy in blue.

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Checked blue: While we talk about floral prints in blue on the one hand, it goes without saying that checks also looks good in blue. We already said that blue looks good on males and this includes checks too. Having said that, it does not mean blue checks cannot be worn by girls.

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We have provided visuals and images of women wearing blue of various sorts as well as some of the possibilities that could come out of this color.