10 Important Tips to Select The Right Color This Summer

10 Important Tips to Select The Right Color This Summer

When summer arrives, it is almost as if somebody has thrown on a light switch and managed to drive off the grey clouds of winter and the wishy-washiness of fall. It is a relief to know that when you get up in the morning, the sun will be out to greet you. Summer also means a lot of good things when it comes to the world of fashion with hems going up, necklines coming down, colors brightening and overall lighter makeup and clothing. Colors and the way we use them in our wardrobe and makeup takes on an extra importance. You will find yourself working out in order to wear beautiful cami dress outfits for your summer lookbook.

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The floral prints will get a starring role in your wardrobe with you seeking out those gorgeous floral print dresses you had stored for next summer and donning them. We are sure in spite of the bright flowers on your dress, they will be no match for the joyful smile on your face. If you are one of those who perspires a lot during the heat of the summer, then you should consider easy and comfy smock dress outfits for summer to keep you feeling and looking cool.

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Keeping The Factors That Drive Our Choice Of Clothing In Summer, We Give You Tips On Picking Out The Right Colors For Summer:

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Bright and reflective: This means that lighter shades tend to deflect the rays of the sun and keep you cooler as supposed to darker shades that tend to absorb heat and make you uncomfortable. We are sure that many of you have concerns about the lighter shades for your skin tone but the palette of colors is so huge, that you can find something that works with your coloring.

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Mix solid with fluorescent: Wearing fluorescent colors seems to be so right for summer that some people tend to go overboard with their choices. The way to balance the brightness of fluorescent colors is to offset them with a neutral solid color. Like wearing a fluorescent flowered skirt with a solid top.

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Wear pastel dresses: Pastel shades tend to be soothing to the eye being softer than darker colors and feel cool on the skin as they are lighter. Pastels are generally considered a bit dull and that is why you need to make the dress interesting with a good neckline or with a tighter fit etc.

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Maxi gorgeousness: Colors like shocking pink, turquoise, sunny yellow etc. can be worn as maxi dresses to bring the temperatures of those looking at you, go up. The maxi dress is also a great way to dress as it is cool due to the way it is cut and the length ensures protection to your skin from the harsh rays of the sun.

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Flowered pants: There is something about the weather in summer that cries out for floral everything and this applies to pants too.  Summers are the best time to bring out those flowered pants that you always wanted to wear and wear them with plain tops.

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If you still miss your blacks during the hot months of summer, you can add it to your wardrobe albeit with other brighter colors. The addition of black with colors like yellow, green, pinks can make an interesting contrast and brighten up your look.

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We are sure that you have your own choices and preferences when it comes to a summer wardrobe. Do tell us if it is on the lines of what we have given here or you have different ideas. We will be interested to hear from you either way.