The Tremendous Appeal Of Two Tone Dresses

The Tremendous Appeal Of Two Tone Dresses

There are girls and women who like to dress based on fashions of the day but they also like to give due importance to their mood when they dress. Which explains why you see girls and women dressing so differently though they are following the same style and fashion trends. We are sure that many a guy would be puzzled when they realize that no two women or girls who are following the same fashion trend look quite the same and this is because of their mood and the way they interpret the fashion and not due to anything else. Women wearing two tone dresses do so not only because it is the fashion but also because they have another specific purpose in their mind while they are dressing this way. You could do well to study dressing in contrasts and take some notes on it.

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The thing is most girls and women think that some parts of their body are not as toned or as in proportion as they should be and this often becomes a cause of disagreement when they choose outfits. One of the ways that girls and women deal with having a not so toned body part is by ensuring that the part in question is clothed in darker clothes and the others in lighter colors. That is why lovely olive dress outfits for everyone are often covered with a lighter colored jacket or shawl. A bulkier upper body can be toned down with a darker blazer or a bulky lower portion is dealt with by wearing a darker pants or skirt. Keep these points in mind when you come up with perfect blazer outfits to try this winter.

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As you may have guessed a two tone dress would be one where one portion of the dress would be in a darker shade (in most instances, one solid color as opposed to patterns) and the other in a lighter shade. When you look at the images given here for dresses in two tones, you will realize that while most are solid colors, it does not mean that there are no textures. Textures, when it comes to dresses and fabric could come from adding lace or embroidery or with the use of applique work.

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While most two tone dresses consist of one light color and the other darker, it does not rule out the possibility of a two light colors or two dark colors used in a two tone dress. One of the best aspects of a two tone dress is that it can use the most unexpected color combinations. For instance, we can never imagine combining blue with brown or red and pink or some other combination which is generally not used, to good effect.

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When two toned dresses are smartly designed with the use of panels on the side of the waist, it can make a person look as if they have a slim waist even if this portion of the body is not as toned as it should be. There are many tricks like this that you can pick up from the images we have given here to use in your wardrobe.  Another aspect that you should keep in mind while dealing with two toned dresses, is also the use of different fabrics for an interesting effect.

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For instance, one would not normally think of using silk alongside leather, but this could be one of the ideas that you can think about.

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We are leaving you with some of our thoughts on this matter so that you can reflect on it and come up with ideas of your own.