What To Wear During The Rains To Look Great And Feel Protected

What To Wear During The Rains To Look Great And Feel Protected

Rainy season can be a bit of a dampener in terms of fashions due to the pouring rains, the gray clouds and the damp streets. But this should not deter you from looking your best to keep up your mood as well as make things colorful for the onlookers.  This means dressing for comfort no doubt, but also factoring in clothing that has a tendency to dry out fast. Stretch pants an important fashion secret revealed in the right kind of fabric is a good way to go.  One of the best things to have during the rains is a nice waterproof jacket to sling on your shoulder as you go braving the elements.

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This could very well be one of the classic masculine fashion ideas for women as the raincoat or the rain jacket is quintessentially a male fashion. When you are in the process of organizing your wardrobe to have all the jacket styles for women to dress well for every occasion, then do consider rain wear too if the area you are staying in is prone to rains.

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Rains are not something that we normally associate with fashion, but there is no rule that says we cannot be well dressed during this season.

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Here Are Some Rules That You Should Follow With Regard To Rainwear And Also On What To Wear During The Rains:

Colors: Just because you are dressing for the dreaded rains does not mean that, the clothing that you pick out should be drab and dull. In fact, the duller the weather outside, the brighter should the clothing you have on, especially the outer clothing that you wear. Go with vibrant outer rainwear that has the effect of lifting not just your spirits but of those around you too.

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Transparent: You have a nice dress on during the rains and feel that you need this to lift your spirits, but you are also afraid that the dress will get spoilt. What is more, you are also concerned that your pretty dress will go unnoticed due to the raincoat that you will have on. In such cases, the transparent or see through raincoat can come to your rescue and ensure that you are protected and also that your dress is seen.

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Lighter: While dressing for the rains, the one thing that you have to take care is not to pick out clothing that absorbs a lot of moisture and also takes a long time to dry. This means materials like cotton or denim may not be the best choice. Instead, you would be smarter to go for lighter materials that tend to absorb lesser water and are likely to dry off faster.

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Glowing: Sometimes neon colors seem so ridiculously childish to wear but during the rains, they can be a blessing to have on. It helps people spot you on a rainy day with weather being dark, dank, and dull. We think it is a great idea to invest in rainwear that comes in glowing and fluorescent colors so that you feel good and also keeping you safe.

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Simplify: Another simple tip for dressing well during the rains is also to ensure that your dress does not have too many flounces and frills. Not only do such things hinder the drying of the clothing when it gets slightly damp during the rains but also ensures a neat line when you wear a raincoat on top.

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The rains are an inevitable part of our lives in most places and the best way to cope with this is to be prepared in every way including the way you dress.