Super Shirtwaist Dresses For Smart And Superb Dressing

Super Shirtwaist Dresses For Smart And Superb Dressing

Have you wondered how certain fashion trends have never loosened their hold on the fashion scene? First thing that comes to mind when we think of such fashions is that they are appealing, but is that the only reason. Obviously not, there are many reasons why some fashions survive – some of the reasons being that they are appealing, easy, flexible, adaptable, and changeable and this has made them a classic. Most of us can think of one such garment – the jeans but we are not talking about jeans here but the shirtwaist dress. Yes, the shirtwaist dress is one that has managed to retain a place in the fashion world having evolved with the changing times. If you don’t believe that some outfits last for a longer time in the fashion world like these sweet t-shirt outfits for girls to look cute every time.

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A shirtwaist dress is one that in most cases has a collar similar to shirts and in most cases also has buttons down to the waist. If you look at the shirts that women wear, you will definitely get an idea of the origins of the shirtwaist dress. Also, do check out classy shirt fashion in trends for girls to get an idea about the fashions in the shirtwaist dresses.

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Now that we have established that the shirtwaist is somewhat of a classic when it comes to simple chic, let us look at the options we have with this type of dress. The thing about shirtwaist dresses is that the simple addition of the collar and the shirt like buttons make it a bit masculine and on the formal side. We have always said that a touch of masculine formality in women’s fashion tends to emphasize the femininity of the wearer instead of lessening it in any way. This sounds contradictory but it is true.

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But once you look beyond the shirt like collar and the buttons, the dress dips in at the waist in most instances either slightly or quite a bit in a very flattering way. some dresses create a hourglass like effect by having some pleats added beyond the waist or in some cases the dress is cut straight or in the form of a slight flare.

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The shirtwaist dress can be made to look flattering to the wearer by making the neckline, the waist area, the hip area and the length in a way that suits the wearer. For instance, a person who wants to make the most of their chest area, can go for a deeper neckline. This draws the eye to the slight cleavage that is formed and makes the upper part trimmer than it is.

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For people, who feel that their mid portion is on the bulkier side, then you can have small pleats added that do not flare too much but do so gently. The addition of a belt can do wonders to make the dress look flattering on most body types. A person who feels that the lower portion of their body is too narrow can make the silhouette flattering by adding a lot of pleats below the belt area.

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The shirtwaist dress in materials with checked or striped patterns can be very suitable for office wear when worn with sensible shoes. It can also work very well for a simple evening out with a more flattering neckline and nice shoes.

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Do look at all the images we have provided and let us know what style of shirtwaist dress would work for you. We are sure that you will find something that works for you.