Polo Shirts For Men For A Casually Dashing Look

Polo Shirts For Men For A Casually Dashing Look

We have often bemoaned the fact that men’s fashion options are more limited than that of women, but trends are slowly changing in the favour of men.  That is to say, that men have more fashion options than they did in the past but it does not mean that they have as many options as women do. In any case, men may not wish to have that many options in the first place. Leaving this point aside, we are going to bring your attention to the topic at hand, which that we are going to talk about polo shirts in this article. Polo shirts can in general be described as smart casual shirts that have shorter sleeves, mostly in cotton with a short collar and several buttons at the collar area. It could definitely play a part as one of the sharp street fashion ideas for men to look smart but without being too formal.

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We cannot exactly trace back the history of the polo shirt but we are sure that it started with the kind of attire men used to wear during polo matches, which had them mounted on horses to play. We are also sure that the polo short in its current avatar is very different from the way it was originally designed. No matter how the concept of the polo shirt was conceived and how it evolved, it definitely will play a role in men’s fashion ideas to look more attractive. Since the polo shirt does not fall into the formal category, it makes sense to look at ways messenger bags can make your look more stylish when combined with it.

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Today, We Are Lucky To Have A Wide Range Of Choices When It Comes To Polo Shirts. Here Are The Descriptions Of Some Of Them:

Classic one color: The classic polo shirt comes in a single solid color that makes a great attire to wear when either combined with casual pants or with a pair of jeans or even a pair of shorts. This looks smart but casual no matter how you style it.

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The contrasting collar: Some polo shirts have a collar that comes in a contrasting color, which makes a nice change from one that is in a single color. The collar in a lighter or darker color in contrast to the rest of the shirt is also a nice style statement.

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With graduating shades: You can have polo shirts that come in a single color but starting with a darker shade at the top moving on to lighter shades as it moves down. Or the order of the colors could be reversed with the lighter shades on top and darker ones towards the lower part of the shirt.

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Long sleeve polo: Classically a polo shirt comes with short sleeves but with the evolution of changes in style, today you can find polo shirts with long sleeves too. This comes in handy when you want warmth along with style.

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Stripes and checks: Again this is an additional feature that has been added to the simple and plain polo shirt and this addition makes the polo shirt look even better when worn with darker trousers.

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Print shirt and plain collar: In some instances, you will see that there are polo shirts that even have floral prints or some other print on it with a plain collar. This also looks good with any type of casual pants or trousers.

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We are sure that you have enjoyed looking at the collection of images that we have for polo shirts. Do let us know if you have any more options to add to the display of images here.