Plaid Clothing All The Way

Plaid Clothing All The Way

Plaid or tartan is a durable clothing that offers a lot of styling options with a good range of checks and colors. While the fashion of wearing plaid may seem like something that is more for men than women, you will be surprised at how many ways there are to style plaid. First of all, it could be in the form of kilts for women which is durable and smart dressing. Since plaid can be warm and cozy, it can be part of fall winter fashion outfits for you to try.

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Another radical way to wear plaid is by making shorts out of it and including it in the types of shorts that women can wear since it is both attractive and durable.

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We Give Here Some Ways In Which You Can Make Plaid Clothing Work All The Way:

Use for contrasts: This means that you can take what is essentially a masculine piece of clothing – the plaid shirt and make it feminine by matching it with a silk skirt and a velvet or silky coat. This outfit will really work when you make sure that the skirt and the coat are in lighter colors.

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Just tie it: Another casual way to style the plaid shirt is by wearing dark slacks and a nice sweater. Just tie the plaid shirt around your midriff for a grunge look that makes the whole outfit pop out and make you look cool.

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Use it as a cover: This is something that you can work on by wearing a short and feminine dress along with tights on which you throw on the plaid shirt for contrast. This again works well when you pick out a lighter colored dress rather than a dark one.

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Tucked in: This is really simple and smart when you pick out a dark plaid shirt that fits well and wear it tucked in with lighter colored trousers that are well fitting. This looks smart and is a very comfortable outfit to wear.

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Wear it with shorts: Faded denim shorts and a nice plaid shirt are a match made in heaven. In fact plaid and denim do look as if they are made for each other and you will find several ways to style these two together.

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A plaid dress: This is an amazing way to style plaid in the winter times especially when you combine it with warm leggings, socks, boots and a nice jacket. It looks appealing, cute and warm at the same time.

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Shirt dress: Take the boyfriend jeans to the next level by borrowing one of the shirts that your boyfriend wear. Just belt it and make the look work for you with the right footwear. Add a cap to make it look jaunty.

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Leotard for you: If you want to make the plaid shirt work at its casual best, wear dark or black leotards and top it off with a man’s plaid shirt. This look is great for someone who is on the move the whole day and wants to look smart while being comfortable.

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Checked skirt: This is another look that can even work when you are trying to emulate the geeky chic look that is all the rage. Wear a nice tailored white shirt, simple ponytail, knee length socks and chunky boots to make the world gasp at how great you look.

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When you start using plaid all the way, you will realize that it is appealing because of the way it feels than for the way it looks. Having said that it does not mean that plaid does not look charming; it does in a very special way all its own.