40 Lovely Olive Dress Outfits For Everyone

40 Lovely Olive Dress Outfits For Everyone

There are some colors in fashion that have been underestimated to a large extent and one of them is olive green.it is a color that takes the best from black and green and can be described a color that comes in between. Green is normally considered a warm and vibrant color that can be cool as well depending on the shade of green that you are planning to wear. That is why it makes sense to wear olive green as one of the colors that you pick to come up with cozy woolen fashion ideas for women. Just like people spend a lot of time deciding on how to style their blue jeans and not enough time on how to wear mint jeans.

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Lovely Olive Dress Outfits For Everyone

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The thing about olive green dress outfits is that it can give an impression of being sober and even dull unless you are able to style it well. That is why you need to know the rules of color matching for clothing and what looks good on you. This will ensure that even a sober and dark color, as olive green looks vibrant and verdant on you.

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The thing about olive is that you can wear a dress that is completely and absolutely in olive green unrelieved by any embellishments as long as you manage to combine it with contrasting accessories. Animal prints also look awesome with this color either in the form of a waistcoat or a jacket. The color olive green is something that also looks good with camouflage prints.

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Though this may seem like such a good idea, combining olive green jackets or even tops of that color can be combined with faded denim jeans. Another good combination for the olive green color is also leather. There is something about the glamor and shine of leather that is well contrasted with the use of sober olive green. You will also find that women or girls who have brown, hazel, green or even topaz shades of eyes look stunning with this shade of color. This is because olive green tends to make the color of the eye pop out even more.

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Girls or women who feel that their bottom portion is a bit on the bigger side but are bored of wearing black or brown to minimize the curves in this area, can go for olive green. Skirts of olive green or even jeans of this color or corduroy pants of this color go very well with lighter shaded tops or shirts or blouses. This also minimizes the midriff or bottom portion if that is what you are aiming for.

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Another notable thing about lovely olive green dress outfits is that they tend to be versatile and can be worn with lighter shades as well as darker ones. Given the sober and dark tones of olive green, one may not be wrong to assume that black will not work with it and may surprise you to know that it does and very well too.

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If you are still hesitant about using olive green in your main outfit, then a good idea is to get a coat of this color. This makes a good alternative as compared to usual dull browns, boring black or the sober navy blue or rather somber gray. An olive green coat or jacket would work with most outfits and make a good change too from the usual colors.

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What do you think of the color olive green? Have you already included it in your wardrobe in any form? If you have included it, then in what form do you wear it? Do let us know about it.