Know About Geek Chic Fashion

Know About Geek Chic Fashion

Geek, chic and fashion these are not words that you would expect to hear in the same sentence but it is true and it is apt too. What? Yes today thanks to the connected world, emphasis on technology and the “Big Bang Theory’ (at least in part), geeks seem to rule. If they have a hold on the world we live in (both real and virtual) then why should they not place their stamp on the fashion world? They should and they have. Today geek is considered the new hot and if you are already one, then congratulations to you. If you are not, then it is a look that is easy enough to emulate not to mention a lot of fun. We have deciphered some of the main elements of the geek chic fashion for you so that you can use the elements to create the look when you feel the geek mood taking you over. You could consider wearing geek chic outfits when you plan beautiful and sober dresses for graduation ceremony.

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While you are out there figuring out cheerful everyday look hairstyle for girls, also do throw in a geek look once in a while. And among all those hot and cute outfits you try out on a daily basis do add a geek chic look to keep all those admirers of yours off balance. While we are on the subject cute, then do check out cute bow dresses to be charming and quaint so that you have a good mix of looks going.

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Now Getting Back To How To Decipher The Geek Chic Fashion Look, We Are Sure That You Have Some Ideas Of Your Own, But Here Are Some Pointers For You To Use:

Go glasses: An inevitable part of the geek getup is the thick glasses with the thick rim. If you do not actually have a problem with your eyesight, just wear glasses with thick rims in solid colors to build the geek look. There is nothing like glasses to change your look from cool to geek chic.

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Sock it up: Wear a cute little frock or skirt with pleats and add socks to this outfit. When you take the whole outfit together with the glasses, you have a major geek vibe going. Ensure that the socks are of the type that come up to the mid ankle to really geek things up. If you feel like it, then you can go for printed socks too.

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Printed and cropped it is: So go for those pants that are full of funky prints and cropped to give you the perfectly nerdy look is the way to go. Do not have suspenders with this so that you get the geeky chic all the way. When it comes prints, then you have a huge range of choice ranging from dots to floral and everything in between.

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Collar chic: The collar is an important part of the complete geek chic; after all, what is a geek without the collar? Ensure that when you have a dress or top with a collar that is contrasting in color to the rest of the outfit so that it will be visible. That is a good way to flaunt your geek chic.

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Fitting footwear: Now that we have started from the top, we have to get to the last part of the geek chic look, which is the feet. You can go for button down shoes or do one better by going for the oxfords, which seem to be fitting enough when we are talking about the geeky look. It is all the better to be in contrast with the dainty little frock that you may wear.