3D Printing Is Reinventing The Fashion World

3D Printing Is Reinventing The Fashion World

The world of fashion is changing so much that it does not come as a surprise to see some innovation or the other being introduced on a regular basis. However, the topic that we have chosen to put in front of you may still astound you. We are talking about us, the people having the wherewithal to imagine an outfit, design it and have it created for us at home. Yes, the concept of 3D printing is entering the fashion world. Just think about this- your handpicked look of the day outfits will no longer have any restrictions. Or any flirty party outfits for girls that you want to try on, can be created in lesser time than you think.

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The technology for 3D printing has been around for quite a while though the uses today are limited when it comes to fashion. However the day is not very far when you can learn about the Grecian way of dressing in a very real and practical manner by creating examples of such styles using 3D printing.

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When we talk about 3D printing, let us start by giving you an idea of what it means though we are sure that most of you would have heard about it, if not in fashion then in other areas of life. The thing is that 3D printing in fashion is something that belongs to the future. Imagine looking at a design that you like on the internet, downloading it and then simply printing it out to wear it as cool as you please. Yes, we are talking about something that is bound to happen in the future of fashion but not as far in the future as you would like to believe.

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We are sure that you will be surprised to know that even as we speak, 3D printing is being used by some fashion houses, designers and producers of some apparel manufacturers.  We can be sure to see 3D printing becoming very much a part of the fashion scenario. Many of you may already be aware of it, but there have already been fashion shows showcasing 3D printing. The one thing that people see as a major impediment is the way 3D printing seems to make the clothing created using this method seem a bit stiffer than preferred. Since today the 3D technology uses plastic to create outfits, the uses for people from different places could be limited given changes in temperature and humidity.

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If you take a closer look at 3D printing, then you will realize that the methodology used is that of the additive method. This method requires the addition of one layer on the other till the structure we desire can be created the way we envisaged it. The best part is that there is no waste when work is done using this method. What this means that today where plastic is used as the raw material, biomass needs to be used so that one can have a wardrobe that one desires.

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Are you excited at the prospect of having an entire wardrobe available at the mere click of a printer button? We are sure that most girls and women who love getting dressed (which is most of us) and feel that the available choices in the market do not cater to their choices will love to have this option.

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It is indeed an exciting time not only for the world of fashion but also for the technology world and in this case it is sheer serendipity that both the worlds are coming together to give us something so wondrous.