Various Types Of Tie Designs For Men

Various Types Of Tie Designs For Men

There is something so appealing about confident (this is very important) man dashing across the place looking dashing (there is that word again) and dapper in a nice suit complete with a tie that is interesting. Yes, we are talking about the kind of tie designs that men can pick from generally while selecting a tie. Please note that this article is not about the history of ties and how they evolved from cravats or about the different types of ties but about the designs that are there on ties in general. Men love blue and when you browse around arresting blue outfits for men, then we are sure that you will come across a quite a few looks in blue.

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Men look good in suits provided they feel comfortable wearing them and as long as the suit fits them well. Which is why no mantastic classic gents looks discussion is complete without guys in suits and ties.  There is also the waistcoats for men and while you can learn how to make the most of this look, which again leads to the subject of a suitable tie. That is why it is important you know what designs of ties work well so that you get your suit on right every time.

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Here Are Some Tie Designs That You Will Find Useful While Deciphering The World Of Ties To Find The One That Works Best For You:

The solid tie: This as the name suggests is composed of one solid color and is a very useful and versatile tie indeed. It comes in handy for many occasions ranging from a wedding to a presentation and everything in between. You should look at the color and material of the tie while making a selection to get it right.

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The striped tie: This works best for most formal occasions and as long as you know all about stripes, you cannot go wrong with it. British stripe starts from the upper right side and goes to the lower left. The American one goes from upper left to lower right and the university stripes are all of equal size. The repp striped tie has a ribbed texture with the stripes seeming to float.

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The foulard tie: This one consists of a pattern that is geometrical and can be worn to formal occasions or even ones that are not too formal.

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The plaid tie: The name is self explanatory as we all know that plaid would have check in them but did you know that this could be with over laid strips to make up the pattern. Ties with this design work well for both casual and formal occasions.

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The pin dot ties: The best way to explain this design is by asking you to visualize a foulard tie but with pin dots at widely spaced intervals. These also work for both informal and formal occasions.

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The polka dot tie: These are as the name suggests ties that have polka dots on them and can be worn for occasions where there is meant to be jollity and fun and not for formal occasions.

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The paisley tie: The design patterns here are widely spaced and tend to have a lighter note but work for more the formal occasions as well as the casual ones.

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The animal print tie: These have animal prints on them but not to such an extent that they hit you on the face when you look at the tie. The subtle way the prints are placed only make them visible on closer inspection.

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What ties do you have in your wardrobe?  And which ones are your favorite? Do tell us about them.