Latest Trends In Footwear For 2015

Latest Trends In Footwear For 2015

Women love shoes – this is not a true statement at all. They don’t just love shoes, they adore them, they worship them, they covet them and they even obsess about them. That is why; anything related to shoes is bound to catch the attention of most girls and women out there. While we all want to learn how to use the color brown to up the fashion ante, it is only when we understand shoe trends do we realize the full extent of shoes on the way we dress. Of course, when it comes to footwear we rarely look at the way they fit us wanting to instead focus on the look of the shoes.

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However, while following the latest trends of footwear, we tend to sacrifice the comfort of the shoes but focus on the look, which can mean sacrificing the comfort. The question is can footwear be pretty and comfortable at the same time? Actually when you look at the latest trends in footwear, you will find that this is possible. While we are on the subject of shoes, do find out about leather based fashions and the dos and don’ts involved in it.

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Here Are Some Of The Main Features Of Latest Footwear Trends In 2015 That We Have Observed So Far:

Bling the heel: We have seen earlier trends in shoes that had the body of the shoe with bling and glitz on them. However, we are taking it even further by ensuring that even the heel of the shoe is not spared and is covered with spangle, sparkle and various other embellishments.

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Bows are wow: Bows have moved on from the forefront of the shoe to the back of the shoe. The heels of the shoe are adorned with bows and this can make you feel as if you have become official with the look. We are sure you will love how adorable your shoes look with the addition of the bows.

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Mix of colors: Shoes and boots are no longer the basic dull black, brown, tan, and beige but comes in various mix of colors. Even sports shoes are made to look vibrant using colors that are bright and interesting with a mix that takes it up to the next level. We are sure that just the mix of colors on your shoes will have you running even more.

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Barely there shoes: Shoes and sandals that look as if they are not even there with the only sign of them being there being the straps. And speaking of straps, there are special indeed with beads, embellishments and other things added to make the feet look as if it is adorned with jewels instead of just wearing shoes.

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Translucent boots: Shoes and bellies have been worn plain and with rubber soles for the sheer comfort and practicality they bring. However, this does not mean that such shoes have to be dull and solid looking. Why not have a bit of toe cleavage going with translucent shoes in interesting colors.

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Rope the shoes: How about making the shoes look even more interesting and varied by playing around with the straps and materials used for the straps. That means if rope like straps can work on the shoes. These straps can be tied straight or crisscrossed with each other.

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Transparent wedge heel: A wedge heel is a great way to wear high heels with great amount of comfort but most women feel that it doesn’t quite have the glamor. That is where the transparent wedge heel comes in and makes the shoe look great.