Smart Casual Wear For The Younger Women

Smart Casual Wear For The Younger Women

When it comes to younger women and the slightly older girls, the preference veers towards more of the casual than formal in fashion. While this is all well and good it may not work for all occasions. There are some occasions in a girl or a young woman’s life when she has to dress in a smart manner. Then what is the solution you ask. It is simple – younger women can dress in smart casual wear. This is a great compromise when it comes to being prepared for official occasions. You have many options to pick from like kilts for women – a durable and smart dressing option that will look good and feel comfortable.

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Another really good option to think of would be corduroy skirts – a smart but casual way to dress especially when you add a smart jacket to this ensemble. There are many fashionable work outfits for women that are as smart as they are casual.

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For The Smart Casual Wear For Younger Women To Work, You Have To Follow Some Of These Guidelines:

One formal element: If you are looking for a smart casual outfit that you can get away with even at office, then the rule is to have at least one formal element instead of going all casual. This could either be a smart skirt or trousers or a nice formal shirt. This will perk up the outfit from being merely casual and bring it to the level of smartness instead of being sloppy.

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Neat hair: Another rule that will work for smart casual clothing is to ensure that the hair has a neater look than you would when you wear a completely casual look. This takes a simply casual look and makes the whole look come together with the slick and smart hairdo. This means that even if the hair is going to be left loose, it has to be neatly combed and pinned if need be.

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Simple accessories: The thing is smart casual looks cannot pull off a lot of heavy and flamboyant accessories like the completely casual look. That is why you need to be a bit more careful when it comes to the kind of accessories that you will wear or carry with a smart casual outfit.

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Well ironed: Another important factor that transforms a simply casual looking outfit from the merely casual to the smart casual is the way the outfit is prepared, which means it has to be ironed. A crumpled outfit will never look smart and since the concept we are looking for is smart casual, do ensure that you have the outfit well ironed before you wear it.

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Smart jackets: Another simple way to put together a smart casual outfit is by adding (if the weather permits) a smart jacket. A jacket is not only a very good accessory to hide any flaws in your outfit or body but also makes the outfit look really smart. Be very clever in picking out the right length of jacket for your body type.

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As you can see, a smart casual look is something that can be easily put together as long as you are sure of what to do and what to avoid. This look has the advantage of being comfortable and smart at the same time, which is ideal for most work situations. You can always wear a formal outfit for those occasions when you are required to meet clients and stick to smart casual outfits for daily wear. This will definitely ease out your working life in the office where you have to deal with many things at once.