How To Get More Out Of Your Dresses With Convertible Clothing

How To Get More Out Of Your Dresses With Convertible Clothing

Before you start wondering what the title means, let us ask you something. If you are about to get married or already married, would you go for a very sober and simple looking wedding dress at a lower cost just to save money? The answer to this from most girls and women would be that they would not like to compromise on their wedding dress. It has to be special and this means in most cases, an expensive one. However, did you ever feel that you would feel better about an expensive wedding dress if you could get more dress from it? We are sure most of you would like that option. Well, convertible dresses are all about getting more use out of one dress. One would think that we are talking about kilts for women for durable and smart dressing but we are not.

convertble clothiing 2

convertible clothing 1

convertible clothing 3

convertible clothing 7In fact, when we are talking about convertible dresses as dresses that convert into an entirely different outfit in a different style, many other such outfits come to mind. For example, you could wear the pinafore dress for a smart and sleek look or convert it into a skirt like look by wearing the top outside rather than underneath. The next time you look at hot tight dress outfits for girls, think of it from the point of converting your outfit in a similar way.

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When we talk about convertible dresses here, we are not just talking about the simplistic but still effective trick of having a jacket that is printed on one side and plain on the other. These sort of jackets are quite a good addition to your wardrobe but the convertible clothing that we are talking about goes beyond that. If you are the type who wants to keep her wedding dress untouched for generations to come or in remembrance of your special day, we understand. Don’t worry, you can always convert other gown and dresses to form new looks.

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For instance a skirt can be worn as it is or can be converted into an off shoulder dress with the help of a wide belt that is sewn in to it. The same way an off halter neck dress  can be worn in several ways to make a dashing impression. Have you ever thought of the way a nice camisole or a sexy nightie can be turned into party wear with a few tweaks.

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A long shirt that is worn with suits can be converted into a shirtdress worn very short. The conversions when it comes right down to it, can be endless. Many women are known to have their evening gowns cunningly made in two parts, which they then can convert into a skirt or a full dress depending on the situation for which it is needed. Many a times a waistcoat also swings into a double role in dressing up a plain party gown or to take the style quotient of a pair of jeans up a notch or two.

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Wraparound skirts are another item in your wardrobe that can play many roles when it comes right down to it. Believe it or not, today there are dresses of certain style in the market that can be worn in about 15-20 styles. And if you throw in accessories like scarves and jewelry, then you have a winner. A shawl or stole can play a double role as a halter top or in some cases a skirt or even a simple dress that can be draped cleverly.

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The more you think about it, the more options you will find in your wardrobe to use as convertible outfits.