Cute Bow Dresses To Be Charming And Quaint

Cute Bow Dresses To Be Charming And Quaint

Have you ever thought about what makes a dress or outfit charming? We are sure that there are many factors that go into doing this, including the intrinsic charm of the wearer of the outfit along with the circumstances under which they wear the outfit. However, one of the elements that we feel makes outfits and accessories is a bow. Yes, a bow which while simple can really perk things up with most of our dresses and accessories when used right. That is why many women and girls learn how to make hair bows, as this is something easy but really cute.

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In fact, even when you consider the different kinds of belts that women wear, the bow would be a part of this exercise. What is more, if you make a survey of the cute tops every girl should have, then we are sure that the bow has a role to play in this too.

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Cute Bow Dresses To Be Charming

Here Are Some Types Of Bows That Can Be Used And Their Advantages:

Over the top huge bow: This is a fashion that is somewhat retro, which works even today. Remember how those blonde heroines of yore used to wear those silk or satin dresses with a huge bow that was completely over the top? We are talking about those bows here, which will tend to get you the attention and eyeballs that you crave for when you enter a party. One of the main prerequisites for having an over the top huge bow is to have the confidence to carry it off. If you are going to be conscious and keep fiddling with the bow, then you are better off without the bow, but if you can carry it off, it looks great.

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Bow at the back: Some dresses seem to be begging for a bow at the back and these dresses look really good no matter what. You can fiddle with the placement of the bow like placing it just so on top of the portion where the plunging backline ends or on the straps that are crisscrossing across your back. Or the bow could actually be tied at the base of the back part of your neck to make a dress come together. Yes, in some cases, the bow does fulfil a practical purpose.

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Cute front bow: A cute front bow is something that will take a simple dress to the level f being quirky or cute. It can also draw the eye to the area that you want highlighted. In some cases, the addition of the bow actually makes a dress look more official and formal, which could be a nice thing.

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Bow on the side: A bow on the side is again another way to make the bow work for you. When you are wearing a wraparound dress or skirt, the bow on the side actually holds the dress together. Having said that, this does not mean that the side bow is always utilitarian; it can also be dressy and for decoration purposes.

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Just like that: If you are looking at an old dress and want to perk it up with a touch or two, then adding a bow to the dress in a strategic area can be really good idea. The bow need not always be added for some purpose or other and in fact can be added just like that for the fun of it.

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The best part of bow dresses is that it can be added to any dress for a girl or woman of any age to add to the charm as long as the whole thing is well thought out.