Spring Cleaning To Keep Your Closet Up To Date

Spring Cleaning To Keep Your Closet Up To Date

When it comes to our closets, we often push certain garments to the back in the hope that our favorite garment will be back in style as fashions are wont to do. While this seems to make a lot of sense, one can go too far and this could mean that your closet is full of clothes that you never wear. The thing is that one needs to look and take stock frequently to ensure that you are ready for 5 styles of dressing that your wardrobe should be ready for.

We are not really talking about going radical and throwing out those skinny jeans that looks heavenly on you and you could also learn about the best ways to wear those skinny jeans. This rule of keeping your closet and wardrobe updated not only apply to your clothes but also to your shoes and other accessories. While there are beautiful shoe racks what every girl dreams of, it is best to keep things under control.

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Here Are The Steps That You Need To Take To Ensure That You Are Up To Date On The Spring Cleaning Of Your Closet:

Spring Cleaning To Keep Your Closet Up To Date

There is old and there is useless: Sometimes an old fashion like slinky jeans will make a comeback but there are other aspects of fashion like those over the top boxy shouldered blouses may not work on the way you look now. That is why, when you are sorting out what to keep and what to throw, you will need to clearly think what is merely old and what is absolutely merciless.

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Apply the three-year rule: Most people will tell you that if you have not worn a particular piece of clothing for three years then you are unlikely to ever wear it again. However, this is not a hard and fast rule and will not apply to those garments that cost you a lot in the first place. Ensure that you evaluate the garment that you are planning to get rid of from every angle before you do it.

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Do not forget the classics: The thing about clothing is that there are some pieces that are classic and will be wearable at all times. These are garments that you should retain and keep as part of the wardrobe as long as you are sure that you will wear it at some time or the other. In most cases, these could be accessories like handbags and shoes that will work even though fashions have changed a lot.

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Calculate renewable value: There are somethings that can be converted into other garments like that evening gown that can be made into a skirt and top separately or that silk scarf that can be made into something else. These are things that are too expensive to be thrown and could be dyed or modified or renewed into something else and used.

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Be merciless: While we have given you many tips on what are the things that you can retain, we come back to the original point of this whole exercise, which is that of having a leaner wardrobe. To that end, you will need to be merciless in your approach to what you will retain in the wardrobe and you will throw away. You will need to stop being sentimental and throw things out to ensure that your wardrobe is organized the right way.

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The thing about ensuring that you spring clean your closet is that it is not only good for your dressing but also great for your home, your peace of mind and also for person who gets your clothes when you get rid of them.