Skirts Fashion Vocabulary – Learn To Decipher It

Skirts Fashion Vocabulary – Learn To Decipher It

When it comes to skirts and girls, there is no doubt that it can be considered one of the most feminine outfits. This is because when worn right, a skirt can accentuate the female curves of the waist and legs to the best advantage. That is why you need to learn what style of skirts work best for the shape of body that you have. You can learn more about peasant skirts and how to wear them if you feel it is flattering to your looks and you find wearing them comfortable.

If you feel that the cold weather is no reason for you not to wear skirts, then you should check out sexy winter skirt outfit ideas so that you can look hot and feel warm at the same time. And if you are planning on dressing up for the beach to enable easy changes then you should read about the reasons why wraparounds are a good choice.

Before we delve deep into the suitability of different skirt types, it is important to know about the skirts fashion vocabulary.

skirt fashion vocabulary

Here Are Some Important Points:

A line: This skirt is shaped like the alphabet A, which means that it is narrow near the waist and hips and curves outwards as it flows down.

Tube: This skirt is like the pencil skirt but made of a stretchable material that makes the skirt cling to the lines of the body.

Circle: This skirt made of flowing material is pretty tight fitting at the waist and hips but flowing as it moves downward.

Pencil: This is a style that is made to be tight from the waist to way down of the legs. It is often made of stretchy material to facilitate movement.

Accordion: This is a skirt that has lots of pleats that are small and sharp and create an illusion of being narrow while not being so.

Mini: A skirt that is shorter than the length of the knee and can either be fitting or flared depending on the choice of the person wearing it.

Knife pleated: This is a skirt that has pleats that face one direction and is considered more apt for formal wear.

Wrap: This style of skirt will wrap around the legs and waist and can be fastened either with a button or tie.

Draped: This is a skirt that drapes to one side and is often also called a sarong style skirt.

Asymmetrical: This is a style of skirt that has a hem that is not even and in fact a wavy one.

Gypsy: This is a skirt that is made up of horizontal panels with small pleats, which are narrow at the waist and broader as it goes down.

Bubble: This is a style of skirt that looks like a bubble as the hem tucks in at the end to create the effect.

Layered: This skirt as the name suggests is made up of several layers of the same length or of different lengths.

Godet: This skirt starts out fitted on top and then flares towards the bottom due to the addition of a triangular panel at regular intervals in the skirt.

Mermaid: This like the mermaid form, is fitted from waist to the knee after which the skirt flares to create the effect promised by the name.

Tulip: The skirt has fabric draped and tucked in such a way so as to look like a daisy.

Ruffled: This skirt is more of the playful and cute types with the addition of cute and lively ruffles.

Paneled: Skirts of this style have vertical panels on them that start out narrow at the top to gently flare out towards the bottom.