Mix And Match Fashion Ideas That Always Work

May 13th, 2015

Mix And Match Fashion Ideas That Always Work

What is the best aspect of fashion? Is it that fashion keeps changing or that it is fun? Well, if you ask us the reason that fashion is such fun is because of the possibilities that it offers. This means that while there are some rules in fashion, it also accommodates all those contradictions and exception with a great amount of joy. All you need to do to ensure that changes and contradictions that you bring about work is that you carry it off with absolute confidence. That is why it is great fun to try mix and match fashion ideas with completely diverse themes. You can always come up with unboring work outfits for you that will make going to work more fun.

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While we have mentioned mix and match fashion ideas to make work outfits boring, this does not mean that you need to limit yourself to this. In fact if you learn the roots and norms of Bohemian chic, you will see that it is all about mix and match fashion ideas. While there are rules of color matching for clothing and what looks good on you, there is no rule that states that you need to be strictly limited by these rules.

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That Is Why We Give Below Some Mix And Match Fashion Ideas That Will Always Work Given That They Are Interesting And If You Get Them Right:

Mix And Match Fashion Ideas That Always Work

Jeans with a formal shirt: A pair of faded jeans looks great with a number of tops like the slinky top, or the baggy shirt or the old T-shirt or for that matter any kind of top. One of the ways to mix fashion ideas, is to wear an old and faded pair of jeans with a crisp formal shirt. This is a contrasting pairing that looks really good and offers an unexpected angle to your usual style of dressing.

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Dressy earrings with casual dress: When we wear casual clothing, our jewelry also reflects this and we tend to put on blingy kind of things. However, one of the mix and match ideas that really set things apart is to wear dressy evening wear kind of jewelry with a very casual outfit like shorts, or faded denim skirt or with a pair of jeans. This makes for a great look.

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Formal pants with a frilly blouse: Formal trousers are normally worn with prim shirts but sometimes there is a need to pep things up. To do this, you can pair a formal pant with a frilly blouse to create a mix and match fashion idea that really works. You can try out this idea with a formal skirt too.

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High heels with a faded pair of jeans: In most cases, when we wear jeans we tend to veer towards casual footwear like sneakers, slip-ons, sandals and casual high heel footwear. One mix and match fashion idea that you can try is to wear very bright colored and really bright high heels with faded jeans.

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Pearls with casual clothing: Pearls are known to be something that is worn with either formal outfits and also with evening wear of the formal kind. One of the ways to mix and match is to add pearls to a very casual dress like a pair of jeans or with a nice cotton skirt.

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We are sure that more you think about the more ideas you can come up with when it comes to mix and match fashion ideas. Doing this can, not only make you look different, but also lift your mood. After all, fashion is all about taking an idea and making it your own.