All You Want To Know About Sunglasses

All You Want To Know About Sunglasses

Fashion is not just about having the right dress on or the right makeup on or getting the shoes right or even having the accessories right, it is about all these things coming together. By coming together, we mean that not only does the outfit, shoes, makeup, and accessories have to work with each other but also provide you with a lift to your confidence. That is why, girls and women spend a lot of time picking out the right accessories that work for them, and this includes picking out the right pair of sunglasses. Whether you are thinking of cool summer outfits for you to try or dressing for a date, the right pair of sunglasses will make a difference.

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When it comes to dashing teen fashion ideas to try this year, getting that perfect pair of sunglasses will definitely be part of this. We all believe that our eyes need more protection during summer days when the rays of the sun are really strong so while you are researching sarong style dresses and trying to know more about them, look at buying a nice pair of sunglasses too.

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We know that most eye care shops will educate you about the type of glasses that offer you the most protection from the harmful rays of the sun and all about protection UVB and UVA rays. However, many girls and women wonder how they can go about buying a pair of sunglasses that go with their faces. While many people seek the help of their friends to help them pick out a pair of sunglasses, it is also good to know how to go about picking out the perfect pair of glasses for the shape of your face.

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What is more, when you go shopping for sunglasses, the sheer amount of choice out there will leave you feeling absolutely confused. Today we have not only choices in terms of types of glasses, but also in terms of brands, types of glasses and the shape frames along with many other options.

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Here Are Some Tips On How To Pick Out The Right Pair Of Sunglasses Based On The Shape Of Your Face:

Heart shaped face: If you have a face that has wide cheekbones that taper down to a narrow chin, then you will find that going with aviators is the best way to go. However, even when you are picking out aviator glasses for you face, do make it a point to keep away from buying those glasses whose lenses move sharply from near the nose pad area on to the outer part of the cheekbone. This will make your face shape drag down or weight it down. It is better to go with a glass outline that is on the rounded side. It is also better if you choose cat eye shaped glasses that are not too sharply pointed and this too works for the face shape that we have described above.

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Oval shaped face: These are the lucky ones when it comes to their choice of sunglasses since most frame shapes will suit this face shape. The one thing that you need to be cautionary about is that you focus on the frame width and also the distance that is there between the lenses. You need to ensure that there should be a gap on each side in the temple area. Also ensure that the sunglasses do not slide down the noses or pinch at the nose area. Also, focus on the thickness and color of the frame to ensure that it complements your coloring.

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Small forehead and square shaped face: In case you have a face with a strong jaw and a narrow forehead, then a circular frame is what works best. Do not go with geometrical shapes that are too sharp, as this will make your features look harsh.