How A Shirt Would Fit – Read To Know More!

How A Shirt Would Fit – Read To Know More!

The shirt is something that used to be worn only men in earlier times but now this is one garment that is also worn by women too. A shirt may even figure in the cute tops that every girl should have, it has become such an integral part of the wardrobe. It goes without saying that men should know how a shirt should fit and this would help them in following the rules to follow to wear suits the right way.

You will understand that what we mean when we say that a shirt should fit well when you look at these dashing examples of men in suits. Now that we have established that shirts should fit well, let us look at what are the factors that would make sure that a shirt would fit well.

Here are some hints for you to follow so that you know what is a good fit for a shirt:

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Custom made? Ideally speaking, the best way to ensure that a shirt fits as it should, would be to get a shirt made to order, but this may not be possible for everyone. Not every man or woman out there can afford the money and time it takes to ensure that they have a custom-made shirt. Then does this mean that you should wear shirts that do not fit well? Definitely not, but this does mean that you have to pay a lot more attention and try different brands to ensure that the shirt fits well.

First thing to consider- collar: One of the things that is an important part of a shirt is the collar. The thing is, though this may not seem like much having a collar that fits well will make a lot of difference to the way the shirt looks on you. A collar that is too tight can make the neck bulge and one that is too loose may look clumsy. Do consider this when you consider the fitting of the shirt you buy.

Crease or fit: The thing is that if you buy a shirt that fits too tightly then you can see that the buttons look as if they are going to come apart. If the shirt is too loose then you can see that the shirt does not adhere to your body the way that it should, then it will crease and look horrible. What we need to ensure is that the shirt fits well especially across the shoulders and the tummy area.

Sleeve length and cuffs: The thing is that most shirts that you buy readymade shirts, the chances are that the sleeves may be too long for you or the cuffs may not fit that well. You will need to look at several brands as each of them have different ways of styling and this would affect the length of the sleeves and the cuffs. You need to make sure that the length is just right, as a sleeve that is too long will make the sleeve crease and a sleeve that is too short will make things look awkward. The same way cuffs that are too tight are not comfortable and ones that are too loose look bad.

The thing about shirts is that you will have to do some research and indulge in a few trials before you find the right fit for you. However, once you do find the right fitting shirt, you will find that you do look really smart not to mention feel really comfortable. Another thing that you need to do some research on depending on how you wear the shirt, is the length of the shirt itself to ensure that the fit is right.