Colored Wedding Dresses For A Change

December 13th, 2015

Colored Wedding Dresses For A Change

Wedding dresses have been seen as something that are always in white, cream, or shades thereof that we have shut off our minds to the possibility of any other color. However, when we think about it, there is a world of colors waiting out there for you and why do you really need to restrict yourself to one color for the most important days of your life? There are many people (by that we mean girls and women) spend days on end thinking of dreamy wedding dresses that they will wear on their special days. Just think of how much their imagination would expand if they had the choice of colored wedding dresses too. There are some gorgeous heavy wedding gown designs that can look even better when they are in the color of your choice.

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If you are still not very sure about going with colored wedding dresses, then you should take a leaf from the celebrity wedding themes and ideas. As it is, most of us like to look at gorgeous celebrity wedding dresses for inspiration when it comes to their own wedding and now you can seek inspiration for colored wedding dresses too.

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Purists may disagree with the concept of colored wedding dresses, but let us tell you for most women out there who feel the whites and creams are not flattering colors on them, there would be a resounding round of applause. The colored wedding dress does offer you the freedom to pick out a shade of color that is most flattering to you and not be restricted to the traditional choices. If you really do not want to flout customs in the face, then it makes sense to go with a lighter shade of your favorite color. However, now that you have decided to take the bold step of moving away from traditions, then you might as well go the whole hog.

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To give you an example of a colored wedding dress that still managed to be very beautiful and touching, let us take you to a favorite sitcom – Friends. Yes, we are talking about the indomitable and the absolutely unconventional Phoebe who managed to look like such a radiant bride while not wearing white. She looked radiant in her unconventional and pretty non-white wedding gown. It was only when the episode was over that you felt that there was something different about the bride and her gown. All we could think of was how lovely she looked and how happy they looked together.

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We are not saying white, cream, ivory or shades thereof are not good, they are lovely but if you are one of those who feels that she is washed out in these colors, then don’t be restricted by them. Pick out that lovely jewel shade that makes you look like a million dollars and get a wedding gown designed in that shade.

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It does not matter what people will say or think, what matters is that you feel and look your best self. The most important thing for a bride is to feel that she is the center of attention on her special day. For that to happen, she has to wear a color that is flattering.

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While practical considerations are not always on the mind of a bride, we give you one more reason to consider a colored wedding gown for a change. It is simply that you can actually use the wedding gown for some other occasion in its original form or by modifying it a bit. This may not be possible with the conventional white or ivory shades.