Shirts That Women Wear – Learn More About This

Shirts That Women Wear – Learn More About This

Shirts and part of women’s wardrobe? Yes! It is not only a useful part of women’s apparel, but it can also look immensely attractive. The only trick is to know how to wear a shirt without going overboard and looking too masculine. In fact when worn right, a shirt can be part of unboring work outfits for you. Women pay a lot of attention to skirts that they wear as skirts are considered feminine and can flatter the woman who wears it. In fact there is a list of must have skirts in your wardrobe that you need to have along with the right shirt to wear with them.

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You will realize that the shirt can be worked in many ways when you look at the simple and beautiful examples of formal wear for office women. So now that we have established that shirts are a valuable part of women’s wardrobes, let us look at some of the ways that you can rock this look.

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Here go some suggestions:

Tuck it right: The thing is shirts look good when you have them tucked into the waistband but only when you get it right. What this means is that a shirt that is going to be tucked in cannot be too bulky or else it will make your waistline pudgier. When it comes to tucking a shirt into trousers, make sure that you have the confidence to carry it off or else it is better left out. When it comes to skirts, shirts look better when tucked in unless you are leaving a short and fitted shirt which is not tucked in.

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Knotty affair indeed: The best way to work the shirt when you are going casual is to knot it at the waist. This creates a naughty look that can look really good if you have a trim and tanned midriff. This draws the eye to the midriff and the bustline so you can also add in an alluring bit of cleavage to complete the look.

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Out but not loose: If you are going for the faded jeans with a shirt out kind of look, and do not want to look too large or masculine then ensure that the shirt is well fitted and flattering. Wearing shirt that is too large is a look that can look adorable on some women only when they happen to have a petite look that contrasts with the masculine shirt.

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Tight and loose: Loose shirts are a no-no for most women as they can add a bulk to the waist-torso and shoulder which is not a great look for most women. If you insist on wearing a loose shirt, then wear a tight T shirt inside and leave the buttons of the shirt open to make sure that the shape within is discernible. Also go for a darker color shirt so that the whole look works well.

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Sheer not wasted: When you have a sheer looking shirt, you can be sure that it will not be wasted at all. In fact it can make a simple and cool looking jacket when you are wearing a skimpy shirt and it is too hot out to wear a jacket. What is more if you are bold enough, then your pretty underwear can be displayed well with the help of a sheer shirt.

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Check tomboy chic: To get the tomboy chic going with the help of a shirt, you can wear a checked shirt that you can belt to give you shape. But to balance this look ensure that you add some ultra feminine touches in terms of makeup, shoes, bag or some cute jewelry.