Hippie Style Of Dressing – Awesome And Cool

Hippie Style Of Dressing – Awesome And Cool

When it comes to dressing up there, are many styles of doing it, and ask any woman, she will tell you there are never enough ideas to go round. Here we will take a look at one of the retro ways to go with – the awesome, seductive and free hippie style. This style came about right along with the era when there was flower power, free love and such other concepts.  Though this may not come under the 5 styles of dressing that your wardrobe should be ready for, it is a distinctive style that not only looks amazing when done right, but is also very comfortable.

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The hippie style of dressing dictates that you wear something loose and not so well fitted but still manages to pack a pretty strong punch of seductive power that it can easily warrant a place in sexy pin up girl fashion styles and pictures. This style of dressing can come in handy when you have been invited to  a vintage theme party and you are looking at sexy vintage dressing styles that you could try.

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Here Is How You Get Started On The Hippie Style Of Dressing:

Wear clothes that do not have the new look: One of the main things that makes hippie style of dressing so appealing is the fact that the clothes tend to have that comfortable used and worn look. This means less expense on finding the right look.

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Go naturally loose: Another aspect of the whole hippie style of dressing is that the garments are worn loose and are mostly made from natural fabrics. Therefore, cotton tops which are an easy fit is the way to go. You can go for touches like a native print or a tie-dyed bit of fabric.

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Be riotous with colors: You will find that the hippie style is probably the easiest to put together and carry off provided you do with confidence. When it comes to colors, the hippie style dictates a riot of them, but this does not mean a single solid color will not work, which is the beauty of the hippie look.

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Wear faux leather or fur: One more touch you can go for is adding a jacket made of faux leather that has some faux fur at the collar or fringes added to make the look even more authentic. This needs to be done with the needs of the weather at the time of dressing up.

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Leave the hair alone: Yet another aspect of the hippie look is that the hair has to be left as natural as possible. You may go for dreadlocks if you like to add to the look but this can be a huge commitment in terms of time and in many cases money too. Instead you can settle for leaving the hair loose and adding a hippie touch to it by putting a band on the forehead.

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Now come the accessories: Jewelry made of beads, feathers, seashells etc are a big part of the hippie getup and you should pick them accordingly. The more off beat and unique the jewelry is in an ethnic kind of way the jewelry is the more it will work with the overall hippie look.

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Makeup for hippies: You can go really all out and go for really dramatic eye makeup while leaving the rest of the face nude for the hippie style of dressing. Also pick colors that like purple, orange, pink etc to make it more startling.

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The hippie style of dressing is a bit over the top but great fun once you get into the mind set.


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