Fabulous Feathery Fashions To Tickle Your Imagination!

Fabulous Feathery Fashions To Tickle Your Imagination!

Feathers in fashion you say! Yes, actually feathers had been a part of the fashion scene in the past. Admittedly one can easily go overboard and over the top with feather based fashions but don’t we need to do that once in a while? Here we will take a look at some feather based fashions that will add some oomph to your look. In fact, using feathers in fashion is something that is not new at all one only has to look at sexy vintage dressing styles that you could try to know this.

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One of the ways to make feathers work for you is to find out about the kinds of head gear that women can wear and how to incorporate them. We know that feathers do not really shriek class and elegance but you would be surprised at how you can incorporate them in beautiful jewelry designs for women. When you think of feather based fashions, think of all those old time divas who used to have dramatic feathery creations on their head even as they did their roles on the screen. They definitely had an aura of mystery and romance to them. This article aims to recreate some of that magic and whimsy that we used to enjoy in the past.

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Here Is A Look At Fabulous And Fascinating Feathery Fashions For You To Try:

Feather up your collar: You can make an old dress that you used to wear for parties come alive by adding some artful feathers at the neckline. This can be then used again to dramatic impact the next time you have a night out.

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Add feathers to your headgear: The drama of having some feathers on the hat or cap is something that the ladies of old knew very well and you could have this going for you to. Feathers do make an amazing addition to your head gear when you know how to do it.

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Footwear with feathers: We are not suggesting making the entire footwear with feathers but the placement of feathers on top to make a simple pair of slippers or sandals into something worth wearing to a party.

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Feathery jewelry anyone? This is another way of using feathers that is prevalent in fashions now. Jewelry and especially earrings made of feathers can be pretty, and pretty dramatic too depending on the type of feathers that you go for.

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Bag it up with feathers: Have an old evening bag that is starting to look worn out? You can breathe new life into it with the addition of feathers. This will make the bag an important and appropriate accessory when you are going on a date or to a party.

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Hair accessories with feathers: When we are talking feather based fashions, it is only fair that you look at clips, bands, clutches etc that you use on hair. These too can benefit from a touch of the feathers.

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As you can see with a little imagination, feathers can be incorporated into your wardrobe to create an impressive impact. However, while using feathers for fashion, keep the following in mind:

  • Go for faux feathers to ensure that no creature is being harmed in your quest for fashion.
  • Buy quality feathers so that they show up with class under all kinds of lights
  • Try not to carry or wear more than one thing with feathers at one time
  • Remember that clothing and other accessories with feathers need careful handling
  • Do not be afraid to experiment once you get into feathery fashions.

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We are sure that even as you read the suggestions and guidelines given above, your imagination would kick in to give you more ideas. That is the beauty of such fashions as they are both practical and glamorous at the same time.