Dressing In Contrasts – Some Notes On It!

Dressing In Contrasts – Some Notes On It!

When it comes to dressing, women always have something about their body that they are not happy about. They feel their bottom is too big or that they are top heavy or that their legs are not long enough, in fact the list is endless. However in spite of the huge list of what women consider are their imperfections, you will see that many pictures of girls and women make them seem as if they possess flawless bodies. Is it then possible that all these women are lucky enough to have flawless bodies? Or it could be just that these women know how to make dressing in contrasts work for them. In fact dressing in contrasts is such a handy skill that it should be among the tips to make the most of your curves.

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In fact, once you have the art of dressing well in contrasts down pat you will be able to make your body look even better than what it actually is. You can make the legs look longer, draw the attention of the eyes to the parts of your body that you want people to look at just by dressing well.   By doing this you can actually incorporate classy shirt fashion in trend for girls to look formal, classy or any way you want to project your look. On the other end of the spectrum, you can also go for hippie style of dressing for awesome and cool looks with the use of proper contrasts.

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Here Are Some Notes On How To Use Dressing In Contrasts To The Best Effect:

Dark top with a light bottom: There are some women who have always been conscious of having broad shoulders, a bigger bosom area and overall broader torso when compared to their bottom halves which are relatively narrower. The use of a dark top contrasting with a lighter colored bottom half will create a balance by making the top portion of the body look narrow and the bottom broader.

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Light top with dark bottom: This is a classic contrast combination for dressing up due to the fact that many women feel that it is their broader bottom area that needs camouflaging. This combination works very well when you want to do this. The cut of the bottom garment like the skirt or pants can also help in further making your figure trimmer than it seems.

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Contrasting prints help too: Sometimes instead of solid color on the top or bottom, you can even go for prints. Tiny prints that are dainty especially on a darker background can make you seem smaller and bigger prints especially on a lighter background can work on making the area you are covering it with seem bigger. You can use this to your advantage and use prints to your full advantage.

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Dressing in contrasts can come in handy and make you feel more confident as you step out of your residence in the knowledge that you are looking your best. It is simply a matter of knowing what looks good on you and working towards building a wardrobe that will support you. To do this you will need to be honest in assessing yourself and you could also ask some close friends to help you out. However, when it comes to clothing yourself and dressing in contrasts, the best person to help is yourself. Do not be bogged down by current fashions and trends; it is important for every girl and woman to dress to the best of their faces and bodies. If this means going against a few current trends, you should still go for it so that you look your best.