Know Your Ear Rings – A Guide On Different Kinds!

Know Your Ear Rings – A Guide On Different Kinds!

When it comes to jewelry we know that there is a whole world out there and there are so many items in the list of jewelry that one cannot be blamed for not knowing all of them. But when you ask any girl or woman no matter what she does or is about the one piece of jewelry she wears daily or would like to wear daily, the answer is mostly going to be earrings.

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When you think of why wearing an off shoulder dress can make you really good, then apart from the myriad reasons that people will come up with, one of the answers is going to be that it highlights your earrings.  In fact it does not matter what event you are going to attend or  if you are wondering what to wear to a gala dinner, the question of what earrings you are going to wear is going to come up.

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Or in case you are a young lady thinking of cool studs and spikes fashion ideas, then too earrings are going to be part of the thought process. In addition, just think of it; there are so many kinds of earrings out there and the question is if one lifetime is enough to try all different types. Maybe you can, maybe it is not possible. But half the fun is finding out and trying as many earrings as possible. So first let us explore the why and then look at the types of earrings broadly speaking.

Why Are Earrings Such A Great Favorite With Women?

They are fun to wear: The whole concept of an earring is based on the fun factor. They frame your face, play peek-a-boo with your hair and make you feel playful and light just by wearing them.

They come in so many types: You have to admit, that there is a right earring for every occasion. There are the simple and sober studs that you can wear with your office clothes. There are the outrageous dangling ones that you can wear with jeans. There are the dressy and sparkly ones that you can wear with party wear and there is the serious kind that you have to wear to formal parties and there are also the pretty ones that you can wear with skirts.

You can wear them with everything: As we said earlier, earrings can be worn with anything including when you are taking a dip in the pool. That is what makes women go gaga over the thought of even looking at their earrings.

They look good on all: There is no age limit to any female wearing earrings. In fact, in many cultures, girls have pierced ears from a very young age and this means that even little girls are known to wear earrings. Even respectable matrons and matriarchs are known to wear earrings.

They are easy to wear: Of all the jewelry that we tend to wear, earrings will rate at the top in as far as ease of  wearing them is concerned. Not that women let the bother stop them from wearing their jewelry.

There is so much choice: This point has been left till the last because it is the most important point. As women, we all like to know that there is plenty of choice. And earrings do fit the bill. Starting from the simple button like pearl studs to the most exotic of snake like earrings there is no dearth of choice. In fact, there is so much choice that sometimes it can confuse you. But it is the kind of confusion that all females would love to have.