Are There Things That Men Are Better At Than Women?

Are There Things That Men Are Better At Than Women?

When it comes down to  a discussion about how women fare when compared to men, it usually is cause for some argument. That is not we are aiming for here; it is like women being offended that there are many beard styles that men can try in the year 2014. This is one thing men are better at  –  growing beards and hopefully styling them too!

In this article we are going to look at stuff that in general, men excel at when compared to women.

Sporting activities: Given their build and their speed this is one thing that men do excel at when compared to women in general.

Beer Pong: Though this seems kind of juvenile, but it is one activity where men know all the tricks and have women beat. - –

Driving vehicles: Men do seem to lead in this case as the statistics point out. Maybe it is due to the fact that women tend to juggle too many things at once.

Drinking: Men can consume more liquor than women and this could be due to the fact that women are smaller. But it is not a talent that has much use anyway.

Physical Labor: Here the same argument as sports applies, they have size and brute force on their side so they can do more physical stuff.

Sexual intercourse: In the act itself, men do more of the work and thereby they do need to get credit for all that effort.

Conserving Money: This is something that may enrage you, but it has been found that women do spend money on stuff that is not completely essential.

Playing Video Games: Though there are exceptions to this with girls being better, men in general are better at it.

Gambling: The thing about gambling is that it needs practice to be good at it and men do spend a lot of time making bets on the weirdest things and plus they are better with cards.

Grilling: Men tend to view the act of barbecuing as their area of expertise and are likely to excel at this one part of the culinary arts.

Being blunt : Men do tend to put their point across in a more direct manner than women do.

Keeping friendships going: Normally women tend to keep only a few select friends throughout life while letting others go. But men do keep their friendships going longer. - –

Taking things easy: When it comes to holding on to grudges, women tend to obsess about it while men let it go and take it easy.

Being disloyal: The fact is cheating a partner is not something people should be good at. But men are better at getting away with having cheated their partner than women are.

Good sense  of Direction: Men tend to be better at navigating the roads and remembering landmarks of the places they visit. - –

Making Friends: Men can take time out to hang out with most people and have a chat easily, whereas women cannot do that quite as casually. Women tend to be more picky when it comes to making friends.

Knowing when to keep quiet: Men are more likely to keep quiet during an argument after a certain point while women are not so good at it.

Having Common Sense: There are smart and not so smart people in both genders but men on the whole have more common sense.

Picking battles:  Women tend to pick on the tiniest things to argue and fight about while men tend to be more laidback. They will only pick on some things to fight over.

Telling a lie: Men tend to have an easier time telling a lie than women. That is why useful divorce advice for women on how to move on with your life tends to be about letting things go.