Some Useful Divorce advice For Women – How To Move On With Your Life

Some Useful Divorce advice For Women – How To Move On With Your Life

Divorce is a word that is not equated with death but in reality it is death in one form – the death of a relationship. This can often be tougher to get over than actually losing someone to death as in that case there is closure but many divorces do not offer that. Women after divorce find themselves having feelings of low self esteem, despair, boredom and overall dejection. It is like a breakup, only on a more serious level as you have invested a lot more into the relationship. But why not use the same steps as you did to get over a breakup?

Here Are Some Useful Divorce advice For Women To Be Followed To Get Over Your Divorce:

  • Mourn your divorce: Any ending requires the step of complete mourning and skipping this part will only suppress feelings and not get rid of it. So let your grief come out, if need be cry and wail but make sure that you do mourn. After all a divorce is the death of your marriage.

  • Once mourning is done, take stock: This is also another step that follows after the mourning period that follows a death. Quite on the lines of a death in the family, you will have to take stock of how others are feeling, how you will deal with money issues, whether you need to start working and other such things. Many a divorced women has found herself being forced to return to work.  At this juncture, you need to take a realistic view of things.

  • Try and gather a good support group: Often the fallout of a divorce is loss of friends who were with you when you were a couple. While it is hard to acknowledge that some friends have decided to side with your ex or worse still decided to drop you due to their insecurities, it is time to move on. To do this, find a support group who will be with you no matter what. This could be your siblings, your friends from when you were single or some other social group.  But please avoid overly bitter and pessimistic people.

  • Make it a point to return to normalcy:  One of the main things to remember is that life goes on, even after divorce. Think of ways on how to get over your ex and strive for a normal life. This means going back to work, getting back on that fitness program and also having a healthy social life.

  • Let go of your bitterness and think objectively: There is no doubt a feeling of animosity towards your ex especially if he has moved on or you have to see him frequently, but holding on to that bitterness is not good. This will only burden you and anchor you firmly in the past. That is not what you want, so let that bitterness go and you will be pleasantly surprised at how much lighter you feel.

  • Start a hobby you always wanted to take up: Being married means letting go of so many things that appealed to you due to many reasons. Now that you are single again, why not follow that dream? Yes! You will have to make the time and work for the extra expense, but all this will be worth it in the joy you get.

  • Start dating again: You are single now; so why not date again? Make sure that you keep it light and fun when you enter the dating scene again. The last thing you want is another disappointment, but you have to admit spending time with an attractive man will definitely make you feel better.

Divorce is hard but you can get over it. That is the thing to remember and forge ahead so that you do not let one failed relationship embitter the rest of your life.