Fashion for women over 50: Guide for 2014

Fashion for women over 50: Guide for 2014

A woman no matter what her age is, wants to look good. This means wearing something fashionable, being well groomed and always present a stylish and well turned out look to the world. But if you have recently looked at any fashion related publication, you will realize that most of the content and images there are slanted towards the younger, thinner and bolder women.

We all know that as women age, no matter how well preserved they are, age takes its toll on their looks. Women in their 50s will see an inevitable thickening of the waistline, a little sag to their bust line, appearance of wattles around the neck, appearance of faint lines on the side of the eyes, the forehead and besides the mouth, a little thinning of their lips, thickening of their chin area, some unwanted facial hair and not to mention the aging of skin of the hands. While all this is inevitable, dressing poorly or unfashionably is not. With a little thinking, you can look fashionable even in your fifties.

Here are some easy tips and Fashion for women over 50 :

Getting the hairstyle right: Have you ever wondered – “what is the right hairstyle for an older woman?” We are sure that this is a question that bothers many older women. The answer to this is simple; keep it cool, short and framing your face. As you grow older, the hair tends to lose some of its thickness and gloss not to mention the hue. So go for something as basic as a simple feathered cut that frames your face or if you feel that this style makes you sweat, you can draw medium length hair back into a low bun or knot.



















Getting the clothes right: As we mentioned earlier, as women age their bodies tend to lose their earlier shape even if they manage to keep the weight down. Some of the styles that work on older women are:

  • Looser pants with longer tops tailored to fit them well
  • Dresses of medium length that reach below the knee rather than above or reaching to the feet.
  • Lighter shades of colors rather than vibrant shades that tend to wash out your color
  • While you can go for open necked dresses especially if you are top heavy, be careful not to display cleavage as it looks really awkward
  • Keep the lines of clothing smooth and draped rather than too tight and precise to add a touch of elegance and class.
  • Plainer fabrics without prints work well. But if you must wear prints, then go for the smaller more sober ones.
  • Choose jewelry that is sober and simple rather than gaudy costume jewelry that will make you look even older.
  • Keep the hair accessories to a minimum. This means staying away from huge plastic clips and colorful bands

Less is right when it comes to makeup: Since older women tend to have skin that has lost some of its elasticity, even without the onset of wrinkles they tend to have skin that is not as smooth as younger women do. This means you have to be really careful it picking out the right makeup. A foundation that adds some moisturizing effect should be applied lightly. You may use concealer to blend in parts of the skin that show discoloration, but ensure that it works with the foundation and is blended well. The rouge should be applied with a really light hand and should be a really subtle shade. Lipsticks that moisturize and tend to be as close to the lip color are preferable With eye makeup it is better to stick a simple application of neutral eyeliner and mascara.

In conclusion we can say that being fashionable for a woman over fifty is definitely possible with some thought to the changes the body and face have gone through.


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