The Best Wedding Dress Styles For Skinny Women

The Best Wedding Dress Styles For Skinny Women

Shopping for wedding dresses is the time when women question the type of body they have the most. One would think that someone who is skinny would not face such a problem, but the truth many a skinny woman has cursed her lack of curves especially when she is shopping for wedding dresses and even otherwise.

No matter what you think women of all body types woe the type of body they have and feel that others are lucky. But skinny women are lucky in one aspect, there are bound to be a lot of choices for wedding dresses in their size. But still most of them are concerned with the style that will work on their body type. Here are some tips that will add curves to your body and give you that voluptuous look that you so desire on your wedding day:

  • Focus on frills: If you are the kind who is skinny from the top to the bottom which means that your hips are more or less as skinny as your waistline, then you can go for  a generously frilled wedding dress that flares stiffly starting from the waist to create a generous curve to the hips. In fact you can even add an illusion of a bustline by going for a lower neckline with lots of lace on top.

  • Go slender and show it off: A lovely figure hugging wedding dress cleverly cut to give you curves is something only a really slender woman can pull off. With clever layering and the use of thicker fabric it is easy to add curves to your body.

  • Play with the length: Since being too skinny is your problem is your complaint why not turn this into a virtue? Remember that Barbie doll style of knee length dresses with lots of frills that you used to drool over as a child? You can get an adult version of this and wear it for your wedding dress. This is a style that  a skinny woman can carry off with confidence.

  • Necklines that are high: When a woman who is skinny wants to create an illusion of having a generous bosom, then one of the ways to do it is making the neckline high and adding a few layers of fabric to drape artfully in this area. To add to the appeal of the dress you can keep the back pretty bare and even shape it into a heart shaped cut to make it look sweet, romantic but sexy.

  • Arms are important: One another thing that skinny women can do is show of their arms as they are slender by going for an off shoulder wedding dress. Or else you can keep the sleeves full but keep the neckline to almost the tips of the top of your arms to create an illusion of having a bigger shoulder line than you do possess.

  • Jackets and extras: When a skinny bride wants to go for a wedding dress one thing she has plenty of choice in is to do with laces, jackets made of laces, pretty scarves and shawls. All these can be used to add a little more to the gown and it also adds a whimsical and romantic quality to the dress which is much in keeping with the occasion.

  • Add lots of train: A slender woman can really afford to be generous with the train that is added to the wedding dress. The willowy figure looks amazing with lots of train trailing behind.

The choices for skinny women in case of wedding dresses tend to be more generous in terms of extras like lace, material and taffeta, but the finished look will really be stunning.