Finding The Right Wedding Dress For Plus Size Women: GUIDE

Finding The Right Wedding Dress For Plus Size Women: GUIDE

Women across the globe wish they had the perfect body; this is the pet peeve of women of all ages over time. The truth is that most of us do not have the body of a supermodel and some of us are generously portioned. But this does not mean that we should be ashamed of our body or try and not wear good clothes. What it means as long as we are healthy, we should accept our body shape for what it is and dress to make the most of it. When it comes to a wedding dress for a plus size woman, it is bound to need a lot of thought as most wedding dresses seem to have a lot of frills etc which do not work on women who are generously curved.

But do not despair, you can find the right style for a wedding dress with the tips we have given below for plus sized wedding dresses:

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  • Choose a flattering length: One thing a plus sized woman should do while picking out her wedding dress is carefully consider the length. A very short and frilly dress will leave her looking very imbalanced which is a look that is not flattering.

  • Sleeves are important: Many plus sized women are blessed with nice arms that are even and smooth. Picking a wedding dress style that showcases this will add to the charm of the look. While women who have slightly flabby arms are better off going for wedding dress with sleeves.

  • Necklines are vital: One of the mistakes that top heavy women do while picking out a wedding dress is to go for a dress that conceals this portion by being too high necked. What this will do is essentially make that part of the body look even larger and awkward. Instead why not show off your generous bosom in a flattering neckline which is also tasteful. The thing to remember here is not to cross the border from a peek at a cleavage to ample display of flesh.


  • Drape and fall: Wedding dresses can be made to look as sleek or as stiff as possible. When a plus sized woman is looking for a wedding dress she has to be aware of her body type. If she is the kind whose top portion is heavy then a dress with a nice neckline to show off her shoulders and bosom and the bottom portion fitted to show of her womanly curves will work. If the reverse is true then a flattering neckline with an asymmetrical drape to conceal the hip area will work.

  • Fabrics play a big role: While a plus sized woman considers her wardrobe she has to learn to think in terms of what the fabric can do for her instead of getting swayed by the qualities of the fabric itself. If lace is what you want then go for softer lace, satin is another fabric that will drape well and can be made to look good on ample curves.

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  • Balance comfort with looks: While a wedding is a special occasion and you are supposed to look your dreamiest best, it also means spending a lot of time on your feet and being on display all the time. So too factors that tend to war with each other in the selection of wedding dress is comfort and the look of the dress.  While we are not asking you to be sloppy in your approach to the selection of the wedding dress, do ensure that you will be able to carry off the dress with élan. A confident look can really make you look beautiful and sexy.