How to make a Fishtail Braid: 30 Beautiful Examples

How to make a Fishtail Braid: 30 Beautiful Examples

Today we acknowledge that our hair and the way it is arranged make a big impact on the way we look. Women across the world are always on the lookout for new styles to try out on their hair. To this end, the hairstyles that celebrities adopt are looked at eagerly and many a woman tries to emulate it too. But most of the times this turns out to be a failure as celebrities achieve these hairstyles with the help of expert hair dressers and stylists.

But you can learn from the casual ways they do their hair in their personal life. This would definitely be something that you can emulate. In fact we have often noticed that women tend to get bored with the regular hairstyles they adopt and are always looking for a new way to fix their hair. Looking at the way celebrities have casually worn the fishtail braid, we feel that this is a simple yet pretty way of doing your hair.

The fishtail braid is a style that is inspired by the classic braid that many old timers with long hair use to have. The fishtail braid has its own cachet and has a bohemian charm that is undeniable. The best part is you can turn the fishtail braid into something stylish with a few simple touches. All this has to do with how loose or tight you braid the hair.

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Here we give you a step by step guide that will enable you to learn How to make a Fishtail Braid.  You can look cute and chic at the same time like so many of the stars. To  start with simply sit back and let the spirit of your favorite Hollywood star channel into you and then start. Remember even if it is not as sleek or smooth as you wanted it in the first place, it will still look charming. That is the whole point of this simple hairdo.

How to make a Fishtail Braid: Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Prepare your hair:  This means you comb it out till it looks glossy and soft and also ensure that there are no tangles or knots. That will make things difficult once you are into the braiding part. If you are aiming for the tousled look then add some hair product to the hair to create some texture. Choose one that will look messy and stay put.

Step 2:  Start braiding: You can pull your hair back into a loose ponytail if you feel the need to before you start the process of fishtail braiding.  Make the hair into two parts.  Pick up a small part of the hair on one side of the head, lift it and add to the other section. Then pick one small part of the hair from the other side and add it to the first side. You have to keep on doing one side and then the other till such time that you can see the fishtail design starting to come through. If your hair is thick and you want to wear it long, then you need to braid it tightly or if it is not that thick then you could braid it loosely and not so long.

Step 3: Secure the braid: Once you are done braiding to the length which you wear aiming for then you need to secure it with a scrunchy or clip of your choice. To ensure that the braid stays the way you want it to, you can lightly spray some hairspray to the whole braid.

Your fishtail braid is done and you can go out and show it off to your friends and the whole world.