How to Dress to Look Taller and Slimmer: With Gallery

How to Dress to Look Taller and Slimmer: With Gallery

Ask any woman and she will tell you that she always wished that she could look slimmer and also taller. To that end most women work hard at gyms and put themselves through near starvation diets but are not still happy with the results. This truth seems to be universal.  But we aim to please; here are some tips that will help those who want to know How to Dress to Look Taller and slimmer.

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    How to Dress to Look Taller and Slimmer

  • Get a defined waistline: One of the ways to make your waistline appear smaller than what it is, you will find that tops and frocks that have a slim belt really help. Keep away from the larger belts as they tend to bifurcate your body into halves. Go for dresses that drape and help you keep control on the amount of cleavage you wish to show work really well. They tend to cinch in at the waist due to the belt and thereby create a definite curve for your hips. Another thing to remember is that a single piece dress is more flattering.

  • Pick out colors carefully:  To look slimmer, you need not always go with basic black, instead for an outfit with monochromatic colors. Do mix together shades and textures to keep things appealing. Among the most slimming shades are marine blue, brown, prune, dark green and dark red. Jewel like emerald green is quite in vogue and looks amazing against curvy women and also redheads with really pale skin.

  • Work on enhancing your curves: Each woman will have at least one area that adds to her appeal. It could be a good bustline, lovely legs, beautiful shoulders or arms or a curved hip line. You should know what this is and work your clothes out in such a way that these are shown to the best advantage.

  • Dresses in fishtail pattern: This is one dress that has the most potential to make a figure look feminine and curvy instead of just lumpy. It is so quintessentially feminine that it makes you look as if you have an enviable figure.

  • Fall in love with your legs: You may have marveled at the lovely long pins that models seem to have, but you do not know that you can create a longer leg look even when your legs are not that long. The secret lies in the cut of the skirt or dress that you pick. Flaunt your legs with short dresses of the right cut.

  • Wear Baby-doll style dresses: This is a dress that is flowy and thereby feminine and flirty and always makes it look like you have amazing legs. To make this magic happen do pay attention and get the length that flatters you. You cannot go too short unless you are young and slender. A mini baby doll dress that ends just above your knees is great.

  • Wear high heels: The sight of a woman saunter confidently while wearing heels is one of glamour. Wearing heels will make you walk tall, carry your head held high and will ensure that you have the sexy sway as you walk. Plus when you are taller, you tend to look smaller. But do make sure that the heels you pick are the ones that go with your overall build. In case you are small but plump wearing too high a heel will not work. So do factor in your height and overall personality before picking out the heels. The general rule is a small person can look taller with small heels, and women of medium height should pick out proportionate heels to add the requisite height.

  • Wear those skinny jeans: Jeans are really a boon when you get them right and now the trend is skinny jeans. They work well as casual wear and in a pinch you can turn them into evening wear. If you are generously endowed with curves, wear skinny jeans with a slightly loose and longer top. Make sure that the cut of the top is flattering and also will show off a good bust line if you possess one. In the day time you can wear jeans with sandals and dress them up with heels during the evenings.

  • Wear and rock those cropped trousers: This type of pants are really good on women who have a well defined calf. The height that comes to the middle of the calf will make your legs longer, hide the thick portion of the calf and flaunt those ankles.  Add footwear that has modest heels, and viola! You have longer legs that instantly look slimmer too.

Plus the thing to remember is that instead of obsessing about the thing that you do not like in your body, do focus on the positive. By highlighting these you will look and feel better.