Is He A Long Term Boyfriend? 15 Signs To Find Out!

When you are in the throes of a relationship, you want to know if the person you are with long term boyfriend material or not. But you are not at that place where you can have “that talk”. What to do? Here are some signs that will tell you if he is the “one”:

  • He can recall the littlest details about your time together: He knows how you take your coffee and also that you like to watch romantic comedies when you are stressed out. If your boyfriend notices small things like this and recalls them then this is one of the signs that he is indeed long term boyfriend material.

  • He talks about why he hates cheating: If he is ready to talk about deep stuff like being loyal and not just for lip service then you know this is going to work out long term.

  • He loves his family: He seems close to his parents and talks about them with affection, tolerance and love. This means you got lucky girl! This one is a keeper.

  • He has a good sense of humor: If he can make you laugh then he is a man who is for you. Many people are funny, but not your kind of funny and if he is then that makes him long term boyfriend material.

  • He is there for you: When you call him for something he is there for you. He just stops what he is doing and reaches you. This is great, it means he is reliable.

  • He can take you to heights of sexual pleasure:  If the man you are with keeps you humming in bed, this means he knows his stuff. What it also means that he really cares enough to find out what turns you on and he is willing to do it and this is a quality that everyone wants in a boyfriend.

  • He is really protective of you: When you need him to protect you, he comes through. He stays strong and takes good care of you then you have winner.

  • He is honest to the point of being blunt: Honesty can sometimes be hard to take as it means having to face unpleasant facts. But when he is that honest it means he does not want to mislead you in anyway.

  • He likes being with you: He seems to enjoy your company more than he does with his friends. That means that he not only loves you like a girlfriend but he also likes you as a friend which is really good.

  • He is on the side you are on: No matter what anyone says he will side with you especially in front of  others, though he may argue with you in private. This is a priceless quality in a boyfriend.

  • He likes holidaying with you: All special occasions are spent with you because he wants to  – again a winning quality.

  • You are his plus one: When he gets invited to functions along with a plus one and he picks you. That means he is also ready to commit to you.

  • He shows his emotions: If he is willing to let all his emotions hang out in front of you, it means that he feels secure in your company.

  • He tells you about his past: Only when a guy starts telling you about the past life that he has led, does it mean that he is willing to let go of it for you.

  • He gives you surprises: Men as a rule are not much for surprises and if he makes an effort to arrange a surprise for you then you know he really cares

If you guy is some or many of these things and you too like him, then you are a lucky girl!