8 Powerful Steps to remove blackheads and whiteheads Easily

8 Powerful Steps to remove blackheads and whiteheads Easily

Today care of skin has become an important part of the daily beauty routine. This is not only in terms of vanity and wanting to look good, it has also become a necessity. Today women in urban situations especially are out and about. Which in term means that they are subjecting their skin to the vagaries of the weather as well as the factors that contribute to pollutions. Add to this the fact that diets have become more haphazard in terms of nutrition value. Plus today the stress factors are more and quality sleep is not always possible. All this adds to the fact that your skin needs more care. After all skin, and that too facial skin is the part that is exposed the most. .

Use of natural products like the rare argan oil can be good for making your skin clearer and glowing with health. Some times you will find that pores on skin of your face get clogged and this could lead to outbreaks of whiteheads and blackheads. It is vital to have a proper cleansing routine to get rid of these.

Here is a routine that will suit those who have oily skin and are subject to outbreaks of whiteheads and blackheads. The steps given below will help you keep your skin blemish free and prevent some of these problems from occurring:

Powerful Steps to remove blackheads and whiteheads Easily

Carefully pick out a facial cleanser that has been especially formulated for oily skin: Proper cleansing using the right cleanser is vital for keeping skin health. Try to keep away from using the soap that you use on your body on your face as it can be really drying.

Wash the face using tepid water: Ensure that your hands too are clean before washing the face. Also try and keep the water temperature at tepid than really hot. Otherwise this could cause the skin to become dry and red.

Then take some cleanser in a clean and damp washcloth: Rub the soap to form some suds before applying the soapy washcloth to your face. Be very gentle during this process and take care not to scrub the face as this could further irritate the skin and cause it to become worse.

Use another damp washcloth to remove soap: Pick up another clean cloth and dampen it by dipping into tepid water. This way any dirt or particles in the first damp cloth will not transfer to the face. Use this fresh and damp washcloth to gently remove the soap from your face.

Woman washing face
Gently and firmly dry your face with a dry and soft cloth: Ensure that you do not rub your face roughly while you are drying it. This will only cause sensitive skin to react with red colored bumps forming on the surface.

Use a blackhead removing strip: You can get these at most stores that sell cosmetics and beauty products. The logic of using this strip after the cleansing the face is because your pores are likely to open at this point due to the warm water that you have used. Apply and press the strip to the area you want to use on and leave on as per instructions on the pack. Pull the strip off in one swift and firm action.

Apply Witchhazel: Take some witch hazel on to a ball of cotton and use this tone your skin. This is a very gentle toner that will work at toning your skin and removing oil without being too harsh

Apply benzoyl peroxide: You can get this in drugstores. Take some on a cotton bud and apply on the whiteheads. Do not remove it. It will work out at drying out the blemish.