Office Behavior – 6 Steps To Make Things Happier At Work

Office Behavior – 6 Steps To Make Things Happier At Work

If you are person who happens to be in love with your work, it is really a good thing. We feel even people who are in love with their work may be overwhelmed with having to spend more than one thirds of their waking hours at work. To ensure that you are happy in your work and workplace, you need to take certain simple steps. We are sure following these simple steps will make your work life happier.

  • Be comfortable: While we know your workplace is not home, making the space your own will make things better and this way you will work better. This need not be in the way of dramatic changes, all you need is a few homey touches and you will start to like your work place. You can personalize the workplace with some simple touches including:
  1. Bringing in some flowers
  2. Get a shawl or favorite sweater to wear on cold days
  3. Pictures of your family, pet and friends on the desk
  4. Some cutesy souvenirs to make you smile when you are stressed
  5. A few plants to make things livelier
  6. Some office extras in lively colors
  • Go out for some breaks: This is easy to do and vital to make you feel better. Stepping out even if for a couple of minutes to take a break will make you feel energized. It is true that most of us have a lot on our plates and time is at a premium and going out for a stroll could be difficult to do all the time. But a very short walk just outside of the building will restore your energy and help you get a fresher perspective on things.


  • Store some snacks: While most offices have a cafeteria of sorts where you can pick up a bite to eat or even have a full lunch, it would be a much better idea to get some snacks that are healthy right from home. It is not only economical you can stave off any sudden attacks of hunger with healthy snacks. It is a good idea to have nutritious and tasty snacks on hand when those. Hunger can make you cranky and having to fight hordes of people to end up eating something unhealthy may really put you off.


  • Drink plenty of water: Offices are often air conditioned and we do not realize how this dry out your skin and also leave you dehydrated. To battle this ensure that you have a good supply of water on hand. You can make things interesting by adding some lemon or orange to the water

Woman Drinking Glass of Water

  • Get things in order: Do take the time out to organize your desk in such a way as to promote quicker and more efficient work. Having things lying around in no particular order can be a downer and could kill productivity. Plus having things organized will also impress your boss and others in the office.


  • Talk to people personally: Today communication is so easy with so many choices in front of you that we have forgotten the value of the personal touch. While texts, emails and other means of communicating are great not to mention convenient, you need to touch base with others personally at least once in a while.  Delivering messages personally once in a while will let you know what others are up to. Plus you can also exchange a few jokes and have a laugh which is always great for office morale. You will be seen as a people person and this always helps in formal settings.