Learn how to dress to suit your type of body: Guide

Learn how to dress to suit your type of body: Guide

The next time you are in from of the mirror and looking at your body, the one thing you should keep in mind while trying to determine the shape of your body is that nobody possesses a perfect body. It is sad but true. Even those whom we think as perfect, will find something wrong with themselves.

The fact is most people manage to look perfect by accepting the flaws of their body and dressing to minimize them. All you need to do is identify the type of body that you have and dress to make the most of the good points (everyone has those) and hide the bad points.

In this article we will look at specific body shapes and give you hints for the best look

Goblet/Triangle or lollipop shaped figure: This is the kind of person who is really heavy on the top. That means the bust area, the abdomen area are really heavy. They are short waist ed and have skinny and long legs.

The pear shaped figure: Starts with a neck that is long and slender, narrow shoulders, small bust area, nice waist along with hips that widen on the side, a huge bum area and really thick thighs. In this shape the waist is small and needs to be shown off.

Diamond Shaped figure: Narrow shoulders, smallish breasts, broader hips and big thighs are the characteristics of this body type. They can get away with tops on new styles to show off  their shoulders and face.

Straight Shape figure: This one is straight as in the width of the bust and hip being the same. With average breasts, larger rib cage and an undefined  bust along with a bottom that is flat and slender legs. Their legs are their best feature.

Hourglass Shaped figure: This is as close to perfect as a body can get. This person will have a smaller bone structure with a good bust line, well defined waistline, hips that curve out, a nice bum with good legs.

Round Shape figure: A large breast area, a fuller back, a wider rib cage, thick waist, narrower hips and thin legs characterize this body shape. The good thing is the legs and hips can be accentuated.

Inverted Triangle Shaped figure: Marked by broad shoulders, middle sized breasts, average waistline, narrow hips and ending with long legs. These body types can go with hiphuggers as it will suit them.

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The style that will work with your figure type:


Goblet or lollipop shaped figure: Women of this body type should stay away from ruffled tops, thin straps, higher necklines, boxy blazers and any outfit that has a high waist. All these will bulk up your top portion and make things worse.

They should wear tops and dresses with wider v-neck styles to break up the top half, outfits that gather under breast to direct gaze to the waist, skirts that are fitted on top and have a flare near the hemline, flared pants, single breasted blazers and medium to high heels in shoes.

The pear shaped figure: Women of this body type should avoid very skinny jeans or pants that taper, pencil slim skirts, pants that have side pockets, pleated pants and skirts and shoes with ankle straps.

They should wear pants that are made of flowy materials, skirts that are cut straight and taper towards the hem, tailored or (semi) fitted tops, shoulder pads, tops that are either short or long enough to be below the hip line and square necklines.

Diamond Shaped figure: Women of this body type need to stay away from bottom heavy pants, skirts that cling, dresses that button down to hug the hips, empire waist outfits and also outfits that have pleats.

They should pants that narrow nearer the hem, jackets that flow in the hip area, tops fitted on top but flaring near the hips, tops that have pockets, the boat neck collared tops and dresses and sleeves that are puffed.

Straight Shape figure: Women of this body type should stay away from fabrics that have large patterns, never go without a bra, string bikinis, belts that draw the gaze to the waist and any dress that gathers or is pleated at the waist.

They should wear tailored skirts that are straight, shirt dress type or sheaths, skirts that have dropped waist, v shaped necklines, longer jackets with a shorter skirt and jeans that are semi fitted with a tunic top that is longer

Hourglass Shaped figure: The women of this body type should avoid baggy clothes or clothing that is too tight

They should wear tops that wrap or tie at the waist, semi fitted outfits. Since these women have the most perfect among all body shapes they can wear almost anything.

Round Shape figure: They should stay away from tops that are fitted, tent dresses, wider belts, bulky skirts, pleats, lapels and collars that are wide.

They should wear v neck outfits, narrow collars, longer tunics, fitted skirts, wide cut pants, empire waist dresses

Inverted Triangle Shaped figure:  Should not wear necklines that are high, shoulder pads, strapped dresses or tops,

Stick to jeans that hug the hips, high waisted dresses, skirts that flare, low hip hanging belts.