Khole Kardashian To Dump Lamar Odom?

Khole Kardashian To Dump Lamar Odom?

Recent rumors have been heard that Kris Jenner is pushing her daughter, Khole Kardashian to leave and dump her husband because she thinks that the basket ball player Lamar is destroying and running her daughter’s career.


Sources reported that Kardashian is about to end her three year relationship with the NBA star because her relationship has given her a lot of disappointments and heartbreaks.

Insider revealed a news about Kris about advising her daughter, noted “Kris has given her the names of a few high-powered Beverly Hills divorce lawyers and told her to start socking away her money.”

Khole didn’t come to support her husband in the NBA finals which is a very unusual thing for a loving and devoted wife.

One of the reasons for their break up is Lamar’s weird attitude. His partying and dating with other girls has become a point of argument in their love marriage.


A recent charity show scandal in which Lamar was blamed for not donating any proceeds to cancer charities has also wrecked his image in front of her wife and her mother-in-law.

This thing got so messed up when Khole Kardashian was kicked from the popular show of singing “The X Factor”. Sources say that a bad impression of Lamar from the charity scandal has lead to her termination from the show.

Sources noted that, “He said her place as his wife is at home doing everything in her power to get pregnant. When Khloe went to her mom crying about Lamar’s insensitivity, that’s when Kris told her to divorce him.”

It looks like Khole has finally decided to cut off the ties with her husband. Her mom is being supporting her since the start because she doesn’t want to put her daughter’s career in risk because of the marriage. Let’s see when this couple gets the divorce.