Jack Nicholson is not Retiring

Jack Nicholson is not Retiring

Yesterday, some sources revealed that American actor and director Jack Nicholson is retiring from acting because he is suffering from memory loss and consequently he could not learn movie dialogues properly. Well! All these were rumors and the Easy Rider star Jack Nicholson refused all these talks himself.


 The news got viral and created a buzz in Hollywood. Even other actors seemed astonished on this news. But after some time, eonline.com showed the real face of the story and denied all the rumors. If you are thinking how did enewsonline.com came to know about this thing and who gave it the right to claim the news false, then let us tell you that the owner of enewsonline.com is Maria Shriver, the first wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Some claims regarding the news reported that the actor’s memory is failing him. According to Shriver, the reports saying that Jack Nicholson is retiring from acting are 100% false. They further added that Chinatown star Nicholson is not suffering from dementia or any other mental illness. He is not going to retire yet. In fact, the actor is all set to work on his next project and can read the scripts actively.

The thing actually started when RadarOnline tweeted that the actor has quietly announced his retirement from acting career. The actor himself didn’t comment anything on this and soon enough, the news created a buzz. RadarOnline also gave some evidences to prove the statement right that the actor has stopped working and didn’t take any project since 2010. The site claimed that the actor has decided to retire “without fanfare”.

Even great sources like The Insider tried to prove this news right. The website said:

 “Quite frankly, at 76, Jack has memory issues and can no longer remember the lines being asked of him.”

Well! All these types of rumors come and go in an actor’s life. The truth is that Jack Nicholson is not going to retire yet. So, just keep your fingers crossed for his next movie.