How The Day Makeup Look Differs From The Night Makeup Look

October 24th, 2013

How The Day Makeup Look Differs From The Night Makeup Look

In this article we will look at how makeup can be applied to enhance you look no matter whether it is day or night. A particular look does not quite look right due to the fact that it does not fit in with the time correctly. That is you may be overly made up during the day and not so well made up at night. The main thing that you should remember while doing your makeup, is that it can be a great tool for enhancing your assets and also concealing any flaws you may have. A smidgen of makeup applied the right way can make all the difference. Here we teach you to work on the day look as well as the night look.

The first thing to remember is that the day look should be more neutral and natural. That does not necessarily mean staying away from darker shades but it is best to keep away from boldly made up lips, smoky eyes and also brighter hues. These look better as part of night makeup unless you are confident of carrying it off during the day.

For fast makeup during day time start with some tinted moisturizer or skin appropriate foundation along with some really light blush. Add mascara and a lightly tinted lip gloss. You will fresh and bright without looking too made up in a really short time. Plus keeping these products in your bag for a quick touch up also becomes easier. You can keep changing the shades to bringing in variations to the basic look.


Focus on the eyes to make the natural look even better. Ensure that eyebrows are well plucked and maintained to accentuate the overall look. Work on shaping and highlighting eyebrows and you can add contours to the eye by skilful use of powder or pencil. Another way to accentuate eyes is by adding eyelash enhancers


This is another trick that can change your face – the contouring of lips to make them look fuller. You always need to start with a proper exfoliation of the lips with a brush or cloth to remove dead skin cells. Always use lip liners in natural colors for lining the lips. This will add fullness to the lips. Fill in color within the outline and add some shimmery white or silver powder in the center. Complete the look by slicking on some gloss all over.


When you are working on a night time look then you can go with darker shades and bolder colors for the lips.. Since the night is dark and most places you visit like clubs and restaurants have low lighting, you will find that darker makeup really works. But do not cover every feature with dark makeup. Go with either the lips or the eyes.


In case you are creating a smoky eye look then you can go with dark gray, dark brown or black. You can also match the shades of the eye shadow with that of your dress. Another way to go is metallic – that is using bronze, gold or ilver. Eyeliners with glitters is also another way to dress up your eyes. When you are eyes are made up heavily, go light on the lips colors.


If the lips are going to get the heavy makeup treatment then do not go with heavy makeup for the eye. Take a lip liner that matches the lipstick to outline your lips and then fill it in with color. Once you are done with the lips go with a simple feline eye look by creating wings on the outer edge of the eye. And thicken lashes with mascara.