Eight Famous Dress Cut Styles to make you look Good and Beautiful

Eight Famous Dress Cut Styles to make you look Good and Beautiful

Dresses are something that reflects your grace and attitude. Getting knowledge about different dress cuts will make you surprised and you will see that the dress choices you made look best to show off your style. A dress that makes you happy and cheerful will give you a really nice feel. Therefore, it’s better for you to understand some of the famous and beautiful dress cuts that would make you look good and beautiful.

1.      Empire waist:

This dress cut is really helpful for the ladies who want to emphasize their hips. Empire waist is far above the natural waist. This cut puts the waistline just below the bust so that the rest of the dress easily floats all over the bottom of your body. This dress is appropriate for both fat and skinny women.




2.      Princess Cut:

Apple and pear shaped women will definitely love this dress cut as it sticks to the mid-section or the tummy. This will give a lot of room to your hip area. This dress cut is very much loved by the brides as it fits freely from the waist and freely floats down to the bottom.

pr 2


pr 1

3.      V-Waist:

A v-waist cut starts just below or at the waist then plunges at the centre giving your body a v-shaped structure. This dress is recommended for the people with short waist figures, curvy figures and wide hipped figures. This dress cut is also known as the basque cut. Since it is a very old style, it presents a very long outline, fitted sleeves and is too tight from the bodice.






4.      Bias Cut:

Bias dress is a diagonal cut across the grain of a cloth that allows the garment to grip the essential curves of your body gracefully. It is because of the diagonal cut that the garment gives a very natural fall. The fabrics that are cut on bias are stretcher, thinner and softer than other cuts on the crosswise or lengthwise grain.

b3 b2 b1


5.      Halter Cut:

A halter cut generally defines your shoulders well. A very popular and famous dress cut exposes your shoulders very nicely and wraps around your neck through a narrow strap. These types of dresses are very casual and are usually designed as beachwear with large tropical prints on them. Most of the halter dresses are backless. Halter cut stats from the neck and ends at the waist.

hhalter 3


halter 2


halter 1


6.      Mermaid Cut:

This is a body-hugging dress that flashes out from the neck to the knee. It creates an outline that shape out your curves giving you a very sexy look. This dress cut suits best for special occasions. Unlike other dress designs, mermaid cut look good with every neckline style.

merm 1


merm 3


merm 2

7.      Wraps:

As mentioned by its name, wrap is a dress that wrap around your body. Wraps are best known as a hip reducing and waist whittling style. It balances the bigger body frame easily and creates curves in a nice way. This dress suits best on fat and curvy women.

wrap 2


wrap 3


wrap 1

8.      Tunics:

Tunics are very popular among young girls. A tunic is usually a long dress that’s length is just about the knee. This dress cut is usually worn with a belt. This dress is a real alternative to causal T-shirts. You can wear them almost everywhere. Tunics can be worn with skirts and tights.

tunic 1






tunic 2


tunic 3


Above were some of the famous dress cuts that would help you to dress up and look good. You can choose your dress cut easily considering the information given above.