50 Elegant Wedding Updos For Long Hair and Short Hair

January 17th, 2015

50 Elegant Wedding Updos For Long Hair and Short Hair

While talking about best hairstyle for weddings, Wedding Updos For Long Hair and Short Hair (as well) simply acquires the top position just because of its elegance and stunning look.

Every girl from a very tender age along with her sisters and friends is fed on a constant diet of fairy tales. Most of them will tell you that romantic scenes like the conversion of a dowdily dressed Cinderella into a fabulously clad creature with the wave of wand by her fairy godmother is the stuff of most girl’s dreams. Every girl wants to look like that on her wedding day – if possible with those elegant gloves, the tiara, the upswept hair and those lovely glass high heel shoes. Every girl imagines that she will look so beautiful that her prince charming will have start in his eyes whenever he looks at her. That apart she wants to be the envy of every woman in the wedding as they too want to look like her and also be the object of desire for every man there.

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It goes without saying that the rest of wedding should be without a single flaw. The flowers, the food, the tables, the décor, the music and pretty much every tiny detail. This brings us to the wedding dress and the other things that go along with it. Though the whole concept of the perfect wedding is romantic and starry, it takes a lot of earthly work, research and preparation. Getting it right and making it perfect doesn’t just happen; you have to work for it.

You are planning on how to dress for your wedding and somebody points out that since you have short hair, it is not very easy to find a style to fit in with this. Actually at such times you should turn around and tell the person to check out these gorgeous celebrity wedding dresses along with their styling to know that it is very much possible to create an awesome style for your wedding even with short hair. In fact, if anything there are more choices and it is also easier. If you still have doubts in this regard, check out some of the styles given here for a better idea.

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Short wedding hairstyle

For a Cinderella like look you not only need the right wedding dress that makes you the princess, you also need the right makeup, the right jewelry and the right hairdo. We can all agree that the wedding gown comes into its full glory when you have your hair up in an upswept hairstyle. This makes you the star in the wedding dress. The hair frames your lovely and happy face, while the dress frames your body. But then you need to pick out that perfect hair do that will work on your face and with your wedding dress.

Here are some tips and hints that will guide you on picking and getting the right hairdo for you wedding day. It is not only based on the look alone but also the practical and sometimes hectic aspects of becoming a bride

Picking the right stylist

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Unlike a fairytale, things are not going to happen with the swish of a wand. You have to make it happen. Which means getting the right hair stylist; someone who will work with you and show you what can be created with your hair and good advice on what will work with your face. If you find that finding the right stylist is proving to be difficult, rope in your friends and relatives to help you locate the right one.

Do have practice sessions before the event

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Wedding days are no time to let the maverick in you out. You cannot try something new on the D day. Which translate to a practice session. Which in this case means a demo of what you can expect and the options that are open to you. Make sure that you do take the hair ornaments and veil that you will be wearing on the wedding day to these practice sessions. You will find this very practical; what looked good in theory may turn out to be an irritant when you factor in the veil and also the prolonged time that you need to keep the hair do on. You also need to study how well the hair do survives some level of activity and over time.

Stamp it with your style

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While consulting a professional is good, do make sure that the hair do reflects the special person you are and also highlights all the best features of your face.

Wedding Updos For Long Hair and Short Hair

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